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Helping Hands

Christine Davis
Bay District Schools


Students identify different ways in which they can use their hands for helping.


Florida Sunshine State Standards
The student knows the skills needed to be a responsible friend and family member (e.g., doing chores and helping others).

Florida Process Standards
Responsible and Ethical Workers
05 Florida students display responsibility, self-esteem, sociability, selfmanagement, integrity, and honesty.


-Brunt, Elyse. Peacemaking Skills For Little Kids. Peace Education Foundation. 1997 ISBN 1878227491
-1 construction paper hand per student
-Crayons or markers


1. Read Peacemaking Skills For Little Kids by Elyse Brunt for ideas to use during the discussion.
2. Cut out one construction paper hand per student. Check to see if your school has this shape on the Elison machine. The hands should match your students' skin colors as closely as possible.


1. Explain the importance of helping other people, the community, and the environment.

2. Divide the students into small groups to brainstorm ways that they can help people, the community, and the environment. Ask the students to think about and discuss what they need to do to be a responsible friend and family member, as well as helping in the commumity.

3. List on the board ways to help that the students have generated.

4. Pass out a construction paper hand and crayon/marker to each student.

5. Encourage the students to think about all the ways that they had talked about to help.

6. Students choose one way that they can help and write it on the construction paper hand. (The teacher may choose to erase the board with the students' ideas and write down words that she/he feels will help the students in their writing.)

7. Students read their Helping Hands to the class.

8. Display the students' hands on a wall or a bulletin board.


Students' understanding will be demonstrated in their writing on the helping hand. Writing should show that students know the skills needed to be a responsible friend and family member.
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