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Rearrange the Room

Christy Clanton
Bay District Schools


Rearrange the Room gives the class a constructive problem-solving lesson in these days of construction and renovation of building projects in our school system. Students measure and grid their ideas for the new classroom floor plan.


The student selects and uses appropriate instruments and technology, including scales, rulers, thermometers, measuring cups, protractors, and gauges, to measure in real-world situations.


-Student measurement journals with copies of My Measurement Instrument Usage Chart (See Associated File)
-Paper and pencils
-Tape measures, yardsticks, meter sticks, rulers, etc.
-Copies of Floor Plan Guide
-Grid paper
-Clothesline area


1. The teacher oversees the gathering of materials.
2. The teacher oversees setting up the clothesline area.


1. The teacher tells the class about the need for a new floor plan for the classroom arrangement and shares the reasons for the need. The students are invited to be the consultants for the teacher and to propose suggested floor plans.

2. The teacher shares the criteria for the floor plans via the Floor Plan Guide and gives each student a copy to keep. This guide should be developed by the teacher. (number of student desks, file cabinets, teacher desks, etc.)

3. Students work in teams to take needed measurements of the space, as well of furniture, equipment, etc.

4. Students create their own ideas for the classroom arrangement on grid paper. When they finish, they share their draft plan with three different peers, then with the teacher for revision ideas.

5. Students create their revised copies.

6. Students post their final copies on a clothesline strung across the room for viewing by all. Later that day, a class meeting is held with time for questions, discussion, etc. Consensus is then reached for the new room arrangement.

7. Students reflect on their work as mathematicians in their measurement journals, record on their copy of My Measurement Instrument Usage Chart, and place their floor-plan drawing in the journal.


Students self-assess using My Measurement Instrument Usage Chart (See Associated File).
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