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Each student creates a collage of pictures and words that relates to a career of choice and presents it to the class.


The student uses details, illustrations, analogies, and visual aids to make oral presentations that inform, persuade, or entertain.


-Construction paper
-Magazines (provided by the students)


1. Complete a collage of a chosen career to show students as an example.
2. Have all materials ready for students with the exception of the magazines.
3. Search the web for a site listing careers (see web links)


(The Vocational Student Performance Standard is 11.16. Create and present a career portfolio to an audience.)
Day 1
1. Begin a discussion about careers by asking the students to name some of their favorite careers. List the careers on the board.

2. Have an open discussion with the students about some of the things that are related to the careers ( i.e. training needed, pay, working hours, etc)

3. Students go online and read about their chosen careers(see web links listed)

4. Tell the students to bring in to the next class meeting a magazine of any type ('Ebony,' 'Teen', 'Good Housekeeping', etc. NO 'Playboy', 'Playgirl' 'Cosmopolitan', etc.). Students will be told that the magaines brought in will be used by everyone to make a collage of pictures and words(cut out by each student) that pertain to their chosen careers. They cannot use the name of their chosen career on the collage.

5. Tell the students that they should use at least 5 words on the collage.

6. Tell students that all the space should be utilized on the construction paper. ( Show example of a completed collage previously completed by the teacher).

7. Tell the students that the collages should be neatly glued or taped on the construction paper.

8. After the collage is completed, they will be required to give a brief presentation (no more than 2 minutes) of their chosen career to the class.

9. Tell the students to turn the completed collages in after their presentations for grading.

Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

1. Review the discussion of day 1.

2. Make sure that all magazines are acceptable and in good taste.

3. Students may share pictures or words as they look through the magazines.

4. Circulate around the classroom as the students are creating their collages each class period to give assistance, if needed.

5. The students will present their collages on the fifth day.

Day 5

1. Presentation of the collages by each student will be given.

2. Turn in all collages for grading.


Checklist will be used to assess the students knowledge of materials covered.

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