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Off to a Great Start

Cecilia Harbin


Students are introduced to the school handbook which includes rules for student conduct. Class rules and expectations are also discussed.


The student listens and uses information gained for a variety of purposes, such as gaining information from interviews, following directions, and pursuing a personal interest.

The student uses responsive listening skills, including paraphrasing, summarizing, and asking questions for elaboration and clarification.


-Video converter
-Presentation size television
-(Optional but very helpful) Mouse with a long cord

-A graphics presentation program such as MSPowerPoint
-Copies of student handbook


1) Prepare graphic presentation.
2) Assemble necessary equipment, i.e. computer, video converter and television.
3) Prepare the course outline/expectations and gather school handbooks for distribution to students.


These teacher-prepared activities encourage the students to use listening strategies effectively). The activities are completed during the first week of school.

1. (Optional) Utilizing a graphics presentation program such as MS PowerPoint, the teacher introduces the classroom, rules, expectations, and perhaps some personal information to the students.

2. Present school rules, regulations and expectations for the new year especially those in the handbook.

3. Discuss the student handbook, including such sections as dress code policies, make-up work, grading scale, closed-campus policy, locker use and responsibility, and the schoolwide discipline code, which includes infraction consequences.

4. Give the students a brief outline of the course and expectations for the coming year.

5. Encourage a question and answer time to ensure clarification.


Class and handbook will be divided into 6 groups/sections. Groups will summarize assigned section and present it to the class. Students must clarify the information in their section and elaborate on the consequences of not following the rules. Groups must be able to answer class generated questions about their section.


Two extensions:
1) New students sit at the computer and go through the presentation. They are made aware of the rules and regulations without taking time from the rest of the class.
2) When -Open House- came, a modified presentation was viewed by the parents. They were made aware of the rules and regulations their students were expected to follow. More information on the curriculum and plans and expectations for the year were included. (If you're a new user - use the -save as- option, give file a new name, add or delete the necessary frames, and enjoy a new presentation designed just the way you want it.)
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