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Roller Coaster Mania

Alice Joseph


This is a fun way for students to extend their knowledge of developing maps. Students work in cooperative groups to develop an amusement park display and a brochure.


The student extends and refines use of maps, globes, charts, graphs, and other geographic tools including map keys and symbols to gather and interpret data and to draw conclusions about physical patterns (for example, in the United States).


-Large sheet of white paper for each group
-Ruler for each student
-Set of colored pencils for each group of four students.
-Several different types of maps, enough copies for each student to see at least one map.
-Typing paper for each group.
-Picture of a compass rose posted.


1. Gather materials for activity
2. Display several maps.
3. Display pictures of a map key and a compass rose.
3. Make a copy of the chart for each student.


1. Ask the students some questions pertaining to traveling.

2. Talk about one of your personal road trips and how you planned your trip.

3. Encourage several students to share a travel experience.

4. Display several maps for the students to observe and study.

5. Discuss the longitude, latitude, map key, and symbols.

6. Explain that they are going to use the map skills they have been using to create a cool amusement park and a correlating information brochure.

6. Divide students into groups of 3-4.

7. Let groups assign jobs (who will do what within the group).

8. Give each student a copy of the chart and explain what is expected.

9. Monitor progress and assist as needed.


This lesson is to be used as a final project. The rubric will be used to assess the final project and assess how well the students can work within a group and read maps. Rubric is located in associated files.


This lesson is designed to be used as a summative assessment. In the prior weeks the students would have had lessons on measurement and maps.

Attached Files

A rubric to help with assessment of the project.     File Extension: pdf

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