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Gator Pie, Anyone?

Mary Williams


This activity introduces children to fractions in an active manner. The students listen to a story, manipulate flannel board figures, and cut soft cookies and paper plates into equal parts.


The student uses objects to represent whole numbers or commonly used fractions and relates these numbers to real-world situations.


-Mathews, Louise. [Gator Pie]. Littleton, MA: Sundance Publishing. 1995
-Flannel board
-Six felt alligator cut-outs
-Felt pie cut-outs to represent a whole, half, thirds, fourths, fifths, and sixths
--Index cards numbered 2 through 6 (There should be enough cards for each child to have one)
-One soft cookie for each child
-Plastic knives
-Paper napkins
-Paper plates
-Crayons and pencils


1. Gather book and materials for activity.
2. Make felt cut outs for flannel board
3. Make number cards.


1. Ask students to name their favorite type of pie.

2. Read the book, [Gator Pie].

3. Display two of the alligator cut-outs on the flannel board. Place pie cut-outs on the bottom of the flannel board. Ask a student volunteer to pick the pie that is divided in enough equal parts so each alligator receives a fair share.

4. Continue this process by adding varying numbers of alligators to the flannel board and allowing students to choose the appropriate pies.

5. Show students an example of a cookie they will be dividing. Ask students how they would divide the cookie into equal parts. Have a volunteer divide the cookie into two equal parts. Students will discuss whether the cookie represents equal parts. Demonstrate how to divide the cookie into two equal parts.

6. Pass out number cards and explain to the students that they will divide their cookies into the number of pieces on their cards.

7. Pass out napkins, cookies, and plastic knives.

8. Students cut their cookies into equal pieces.

9. Pass out paper plates. Explain that each student will draw his or her favorite pie on the plate.

10. Have the students exchange number cards they previously used with the cookies

11. Each student will draw lines on his or her paper plate pie to divide it equally into the number of pieces on the card.

12. Have the students cut their plates on the lines.


Formative assessment can be observed as the students complete fraction pies which represent commonly used fractions as indicated on number cards.
Through one-on-one discussion with the child while completing the fraction pies, check to see if the child can demonstrate the use of commonly used fractions as indicated on number cards.


To continue the practice of dividing fractions, the students divide shapes other than circles. These shapes may be made of paper or be food items such as crackers, bread, cheese, slices of pizza, etc.
Students work in groups and create pizzas out of paper plates to divide.
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