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Novel Tee

Cynthia Youngblood
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students illustrate a fiction novel by painting a depiction of the book on a tee shirt and then share with the class.


The student speaks for various occasions, audiences, and purposes, including conversations, discussions, projects, and informational, persuasive, or technical presentations.

The student responds to a work of literature by interpreting selected phrases, sentences, or passages and applying the information to personal life.


-A fiction book of choice
-Tee shirt
-Fabric paint, glitter paint
-Paint pens
-Paint brushes


1. Arrange time in the media center to select a fiction book.
2. Teacher should create a sample tee shirt to provide a model for students.
3. Teacher should wear and share tee shirt observing the same guidelines expected by the students.
4. Teacher appoints several students in class to collect donations for materials and supplies. Teacher also asks students to bring materials and supplies from home.
5. Teacher brings several shirts for those students who cannot supply his or her own tee shirt.
6. Teacher might work with the school’s art teacher for additional help with artwork and access to the art classroom.
7. Download and copy Novel Tee evaluation form.



1. Student selects a fiction book from the media center.

2. Student is given two weeks to read book.


3. Teacher gives “Novel Tee” book report assignment:
Students should bring a clean tee shirt, preferably white, to class. Using fabric paint and paint pens, etc., student will illustrate his or her chosen novel by painting a depiction of the book and by writing the book’s title, author, and copyright date on the tee shirt. (Students will be given two class periods to work on shirts.) Students will also wear the shirt to class and share information about the book. (See item 4).

4. Students wear and share the shirt to the class, giving a short, informational talk that will include the book’s title, author, copyright date, brief summary, and explanation of the illustration, addressing a specific audience, identifying a purpose, using appropriate grammar and word choice, and using clear, audible, and suitable language. (Presentations will take one or two class periods.)

5. Teacher evaluates tee shirt illustration and short presentation. (See attached evaluation sheet.)


Rubric will be used to assess all aspects of the standards. (See Attachment)


This can be assigned as an outside assignment, but the students enjoy doing this activity together.
Students could also be asked to illustrate a play, short story, or poem.

Attached Files

Novel Tee Evaluation     File Extension: pdf

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