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Illustrated Quotes of Julius Caesar

Cynthia Youngblood
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students make a booklet of twenty illustrated quotations from William Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar.


The student uses a variety of strategies to analyze words and text, draw conclusions, use context and word structure clues, and recognize organizational patterns.

The student responds to a work of literature by interpreting selected phrases, sentences, or passages and applying the information to personal life.


-Classroom copies of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
-Typing paper
-Construction Paper
-Magazine pictures
-Original drawings (optional)
-Computer graphics (optional)


1. Before giving this assignment, the play should be read and studied in class.
2. Teacher should provide model pages for students.


1. Class reads and studies William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar prior to the writing assignment.

2. Teacher gives assignment: Booklet of Illustrated Quotations from Julius Caesar. Students will choose a picture from a magazine or create his or her original drawings to illustrate quotes from the play. Students may choose lines or passages of choice or use famous lines selected by the teacher. (See attached file.) Students must write or type the quote beneath the illustration on typing or construction paper, stating the play’s author, title, acts, scene, and line numbers. Students will be required to create a decorative cover for the booklet and give the booklet a catchy title.
3. Teacher evaluates booklets. (See assessment.)


Evaulate booklet, checking to see if student demonstrates an understanding of each quote with the illustration.


Students could illustrate quotes from other plays.

Attached Files

Julius Caesar Booklet of Quotations.     File Extension: pdf

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