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So You Want to Drive an Automobile?

Diane Dodd


Students use the Internet to define the types of automobile insurance they will need to purchase in order to legally drive in the State of Florida. They choose an automobile and find the cost of insurance to drive it.


The student selects and uses strategies to understand words and text, and to make and confirm inferences from what is read, including interpreting diagrams, graphs, and statistical illustrations.


Internet access must be available for student use. ( is one student source)
–Handout containing word list
–Rubric for scoring purposes
–Research information sheet


1. Prepare handouts (word list, rubic sheet, research sheet) for each student
2. Make sure Internet is available for each student’s use


Vocational Curriculum Frameworks
03.0 – Use technology to enhance the effectiveness of communications in order to accomplish job objectives and enhance workplace performance.
03.08 – Use computer networks to facilitate collaborative or individual learning and communication.
03.09 - Explore current and emerging telecommunication systems.

1. Give out the word sheet and the scoring rubic at the beginning of class. Explain procedures and answer any questions regarding the rubric.

2. Explain how to look up the words on the word list using the Internet.

3. Initiate a short discussion about insurance before students begin their assignments. Students are generally excited about driving an automobile, but do not realize the “cost” involved in purchasing insurance.

4. Instruct students to look for the minimum insurance coverage for the vehicle they choose. The Internet address given for will give an explanation of some of the insurance terms, but the Florida Department of Insurance offers a consumer guide that students may want to visit.

5. Encourage students to visit many Internet sites to compare insurance rates and terms.

6. Have students complete a handout listing the information they have found.


Use the student’s completed word list and research sheet for formative assessment. The rubic in the associated file includes the criteria for successful performance.

Note: Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.

Attached Files

3 worksheets.     File Extension: pdf

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