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Weather Graphs

Melanie Henderson
Bay District Schools


Students will use their knowledge of weather symbols to organize and construct a graph of the daily weather for one month. Also, each child will have a chance to give the daily weather report using Sammy's Science House Computer Software.


The student speaks clearly and at a volume audible in large- or small-group settings.

The student displays solutions to problems by generating, collecting, organizing, and analyzing data using simple graphs and charts.


-Graph paper
-Scientific software such as Sammy's Science House
-Computer with tv converter


1. Teacher must show students how to use the software.
2. Teacher must teach students how to read and make a graph.
3. Teacher must demonstrate how to read a thermometer and allow for student experience.
4. Teacher must load software daily and turn on tv.


1. Weather person for the day checks thermometer outside and weather conditions.

2. Student opens up the weather station in Sammy's Science House Software.

3. Student clicks on the icons for temperature, rain possibilities and wind possibilities.

4. Student announces the forecast for the day and hits the -go- icon on the computer. (This will show a picture of the day they programmed.)

5. Students will use their graph paper to chart the information for that day.

6. Students will have 3 charts: one for temperature, one for rain and one for wind.


Use a rubric to assess the graphing activity. Look for correct headings, if the right information is in the right place (meaning: if they put the wind in the wind column, rain in the rain column etc.), and for coloring their data into bars. I will use a teacher checklist to assess their speaking abilities.
E.g.: 1. Face the audience
2. Speak loudly
3. Speak clearly
4. Gives the correct information


Students can display or recreate their graphs by using unifix or connecting cubes.
Students can graph different animal habitats in science.
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