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4 X 4 (Not a Jeep!)

Lisa Glenn


Students working in groups of 4, complete a puzzle by matching terms and definitions.


The student uses effective strategies for informal and formal discussions, including listening actively and reflectively, connecting to and building on the ideas of a previous speaker, and respecting the viewpoints of others.

The student selects and uses a variety of speaking strategies to clarify meaning and to reflect understanding, interpretation, application, and evaluation of content, processes, or experiences, including asking relevant questions when necessary, making appropriate and meaningful comments, and making insightful observations.


-Dark Marker
Group Reward - i.e.candy bars for each member of the group that completes the 4 x 4 puzzle first, second, and third if you wish.
-One puzzle cut into 16 squares


1. Make a 2-x2-grid onto cardstock until you have 16 squares.
2. From left to right, starting at top-left square, alternate words and definitions - one for each square until top is filled.
3. Continue around perimeter until there are no spaces left on the outside.
4. On interior squares, write in either a word or definition.
5. On corresponding square (the side that would touch if each square is cut apart) write in the correct word or matching definition.
6. Continue to randomly write in words and matching definitions until grid is completely filled.
7. MAKE COPIES (one per group of four students)
8. Keep one copy intact as a key, Taking one card at a time, cut each square until you have 16 cards.
9. Rubber band together.


Note: Students should have been given vocabulary words along with definitions on Monday.
1. Gain attention: Tell the class: -We have a new way to review for your vocabulary test tomorrow! You will complete a puzzle in groups of four. There will be a prize for the group members finishing first.- (They may choose their groups unless you as the teacher would like to select the groups for them).
2. Present objectives: Tell the students: -Your goal within your group is to make one complete puzzle out of the 16 pieces that you will receive. Each piece has words and definitions on them. Each piece fits together by matching the word on one side of the card to the correct definition on another card.- (At this point draw a visual cue on the board showing how all 16 cards will fit together.)
3. Tell the students: Although there are words and definitions that are duplicated, there is only one correct way that the puzzle goes together! . . . . and I (teacher) have the key! The first group that completes their puzzle and has it verified by me, wins the prize. You may not use your definitions for this game. This is a review for your test! You will get in groups of four and place your desk facing another group members' desk. Your group should be two desks (students) facing the other two desks to form a -table- to work on.


Students use appropriate listening and discussion strategies to interpret meaning. These discussions will lead to completion of their group's puzzle, which will demonstrate their knowledge of the vocabulary terms.


Students could extend and demonstrate their understanding of the vocabulary terms by using words in a sentence.
Advanced students could use the vocabulary terms to create an original story.

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The attatchment is an example of the 4 X 4 puzzle.     File Extension: pdf

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