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To Live or Die While Protecting the Ones You Love

Diane Dodd


Students identify different types of life insurance and make decisions as to when the purchase of life insurance policies and the types of policies would be desirable in a person's lifetime.


The student selects and uses a variety of electronic media (such as the Internet, information services, and desktop-publishing software programs) to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information.


-Computer with Internet access


1. Visit Internet Web Sites ( ; ; and ) before presenting lesson to class. (If individual student Internet is not available, handouts can be downloaded and printed for each student to use in class.)
2. Print out word list handout, decision handout, time line handout and assessment rubric to give to students.


Student Performance Standards for Vocational Education
Secondary Course Number 8209030
Information Systems
01.0 Demonstrate knowledge, skill, and application of information systems to accomplish job objectives and enhance workplace performance--the student will be able to:
01.08 Use current and emerging computer technology and software to perform personal and business related tasks, solve problems, and organize and communicate information.

Note: This lesson addresses the part of the standard that requires students to retrieve and verify information only.

1. Ask the class what they know about life insurance prior to beginning lesson.

2. Discuss with class the expected outcome of the lesson. See rubric in the Associated File. List facts (right or wrong) on a chart or on the board.

3. Discuss with class how life insurance can protect a person while alive and, after death, the estate being left to beneficiaries.

4. Discuss with class how insurance is funded and general insurance information.

5. Provide assignments which include a decision sheet, a time line and a word list to be researched and completed by the student. (See Associated File.)


Note: This lesson assesses the part of the standard that requires students to retrieve and verify information only.

Each student researchs a word list on the Internet. Students also complete a timeline. This timeline includes ages and situations. Students make decisions as to what type of insurance is the best buy for the consumer. A situation questionnaire checks the students' decision making in different life situations. These are found in the associated file.

Note: Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.


1. Student will have prior knowledge of computer use (unless handouts are printed beforehand by teacher).
2. Student will have an introduction to the life insurance industry by the teacher.
3. This lesson can be used separately or in a unit introducing the insurance industry.

Web Links

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Attached Files

A word list, a decision sheet, and a rubric sheet.     File Extension: pdf

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