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Preparing for the Life After

Raymond O'Neil


This activity is a ROTC/Life Management Skills career knowledge activity that applies oral communication skills with job knowledge. The students research a given job (career) and create a presentation to give to the class.


The student applies oral communication skills to interviews, group presentations, formal presentations, and impromptu situations.


-Index cards (size is not important)
-Overhead projector or computer with PowerPoint software
-Career catalogs/textbook/library


1. Prepare index cards with a career titles and brief job descriptions
2. Prepare enough for one index card per student
3. Make a copy of the assessment checklist for each student.


1. Start the lesson by asking the students if they know what they’re going to do after high school.

2. Explain that there are numerous jobs out there that students may find interesting, yet they are unaware that these jobs exist.

3. Explain the activity as follows. Students will be given an index card with a brief career description on the card. Each student is then required to write a one-page outline and prepare a three to five minute presentation.

4. Tell students that it is important to research the career thoroughly and not to change for a familiar career; this will acquaint students with new career interests.

5. Students will be given a week (5 school days) to prepare and conduct research. Share information with students about computer usage, PowerPoint, excellent sites (see Weblinks), other students that can be used as mentors/helpers, and media center schedules.

6. Hand out and explain criteria checklists used to assess the outline and presentation. Ask for questions and make sure that students understand the criteria for assessment. Outline should include education level required to perform this job, salary range, career advancements, and three points of interest.

7. Presentation should be between three to five minutes, and include visual aides.

8. Students should also be prepared to answer questions at the end of their presentations. The whole purpose of this activity is to explore new areas that may spark students' interest to continue their education. At this time, share a sample presentation with students, allowing them to assess you using the criteria checklist in the associated file. Allow time for discussion and questions.

9. Set up a schedule for presentations and monitor students as they research and work. Offer feedback and assistance as necessary. Assess this activity using the checklist in the associated files.


Use the attached Preparing for Life After checklist (see Associated File) to formatively assess the student’s ability to successfully:
- Research data
- Write a one page, well-organized outline on a given career
- Present a three to five minute formal presentation on the career
Following this activity, confer with each student to provide suggestions and constructive feedback.

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