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Character, You Say? Prove It!

Kathy Boyte


Students complete a Character Map and a Venn diagram for selected characters in any text.


The student forms his or her own ideas about what has been read in a literary text and uses specific information from the text to support these ideas.

The student makes inferences and draws conclusions regarding story elements of a fourth grade or higher level text (for example, the traits, actions, and motives of characters; plot development; setting).

The student knows the similarities and differences of characters presented within and across fifth grade or higher level selections.


-Copy of text for each student.
-Copy of Character Map and Venn diagram.
-Transparency Film


1. Each student will need a copy of any selected text.
2. Make transparencies of Associated Files.
3. Make copies of rubric from Associated Files.


1. With the entire class, discuss the qualities and traits of a particular character.

2. Encourage students to make inferences of character's traits.

3. Record student responses on overhead Character Map.

4. Ask students to look through the text for statements or passages that support the character's inferred traits.

5. Record the statement that supports the trait on overhead.

6. Stress to students the importance of providing a source of reference for his/her teacher to check their supporting statement - Ask, "Is that a Character Trait? Prove it!" (If you like, allow class to ask student in unison - the kids LOVE this!).

7. Review the Character Map on the overhead. Allow students to pose questions and comments on the traits or on the map itself. Encourage judgement and evaluation of finished map by students.

8. Provide each student with a copy of the selected text and a copy of the Character Map. Allow students to complete independently.

9. Pair students who have chosen different characters from selection to compare and contrast the two characters by completing a Venn diagram (Associated File).

10. Collect completed Character Maps and score according to rubric.


The Character Map gives specific criteria for student to follow (Associated File): the Venn Diagram (Associated File) is a non-critical form of evaluation.


Students write paragraphs that provide character descriptions without naming the character. As they share their writing, the rest of the class must guess which character they are describing

Attached Files

Character Map     File Extension: pdf

Venn Diagram     File Extension: pdf

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