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It Is a Job

Cynthia Youngblood
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students read a non-fiction book about a career and write a six-paragraph expository composition about the book.


The student uses background knowledge of the subject and text structure knowledge to make complex predictions of content, purpose, and organization of the reading selection.

The student drafts and revises writing that -is focused, purposeful, reflects insight into the writing situation;-conveys a sense of completeness and wholeness with adherence to the main idea;-has an organizational pattern that provide for a logical progression of ideas;-has support that is substantial, specific, revelant, concrete, and/or illustrative;-demonstrates a commitment to and an involvement with the subject;-has clarity in presentation of ideas;uses creative writing strategies appropriate to the purpose of the paper;demonstrates a command of language (word choice) with freshness of expression;has varied sentence structure and sentences that are complete except when fragments are used and purposefully; andhas few, if any, convention errors in mechanics, usage, and punctuation.

The student selects and uses appropriate formats for writing, including narrative, persuasive, and expository formats, according to the intended audience, purpose, and occasion.


-A nonfiction book on a career


1. Arrange a time in the media center to select a non-fiction book.
2. Pre-select books from shelves on interesting careers and display them.


1. Have student select a non-fiction book from the media center about a career, preferably a career that he or she is considering.
2. Give students two weeks to read the book.

3. Give students the six-paragraph expository composition book report assignment to be completed in class. (See attachment.)
4. Evaluate the compositions. (See attachment.)



U= Unacceptable
P= Poor
F= Fair
A= Average
E= Excellent

Composition contains an introduction
Composition contains book's title
Composition contains book's author/editor
Composition contains book's copyright date
Composition contains book's publisher
Composition contains job description
Composition contains career's requirements
Composition contains career's advantages/disadvantages
Composition contains information on preparation
Composition contains a conclusion


Students could be given time outside of class to write report.
Students could present the report orally.

Attached Files

Career Book Report Guide and Career Book Report Evaluation.     File Extension: pdf

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