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Christmas Counting 1 - 25

Karen Minks


Students count 25 M&M's in correct order.


The student counts up to 10 or more objects using verbal names and one-to-one correspondence.


-Teacher record book


1. Obtain M&Mís for each student.
2. Obtain small plastic bags for each student.
3. Prepare materials for students: M&Mís and Plastic bags


1. Show the students the M&Mís in small groups.

2. Teacher demonstrates and counts out 25 M&Mís as an example.

3. Pass out M&Mís to each child in the small group.

4. The students count the M&Mís to 25 in small groups.

5. Observe the students and give feedback as needed.

6. Pass out plastic bags for the students to put their M&Mís in.

7. Observe the students and give feedback as needed.

8. Collect supplies and clean up.


This is an ongoing assessment based on teacher observation of student interaction during the lesson.

The student counts the numerals orally 1-25. Listen to the student responses and watch answers to determine the function level of the student.

Children who count the numerals 1-25 are working on an independent level.

Children who count the numerals 1-15 are on the instructional level.

Children who count the numerals less than 10 are in the remedial level.

Mastery occurs if the child counts one to twenty five.

Record counting in teacher record book.
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