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Play Dough Pizza Party

Nancy Strong


This activity allows students the opportunity to use and create (cut) fractions using a real-life situation. Students participate in identifying and creating fractional parts of a whole.


The student uses concrete materials to compare fractions in real-life situations.


-Play Dough
-plastic knives
-one to two pizzas (for extension activity)
-reservation cards


1. Trace and cut out of construction paper a visual display of each fractional part being taught.
2. Make enough copies of the checklist (see File) for every student or pair of students to have.
3. Make up enough reservation cards for each student or table to have one.


1. Review fractions (whole, half, one quarter, three fourths, one sixth, and one eighth) using a visual display made from construction paper pieces. Specifically name each fractional part. Remind students that each fractional part has to be equal.

2. Have students come to chalk board one at a time and draw fractional parts of a pizza (circles) to match faction names.

3. Once students become familiar with what each fractional part is, pass out a can of Play Dough, plastic knife, and placemat to each child.

4. Tell students that today they will make a Play Dough pizza for a party. Tell the students that they can work alone or with a partner. Allow time for each child to create a small pizza on their placemat.

5. Explain that the Play Dough pizza will be used to serve the guest at their pizza party. Tell students they will be given a number guests that reservations have been made for. (Ex. Smith party of 4, Strong party of 8, etc.) Students will need to cut their pizza to serve the number of guest in their party.

6. Once each child has created a pizza, pass out the Pizza Party Fraction Checklist. Instruct students to use the checklist to mark the fractional pizza slices need to feed their guests.

7. While students are creating their pizzas and preparing the correct fractional serving for each guest, call each student or group of students to a designated teacher area to conference. Students need to model how they will serve their pizzas with correct fractional parts. Assess the studentís work by using the checklist they've marked and observing their pizza models. Give immediate feedback for any changes that need to be made. Along with the student, use the checklist to record any areas the child needs extra practice. While students will be dealing with one fraction/portion listed on the checklist, during the teacher conference each student should show knowledge of the remaining fractions.


In this formative assessment, a checklist (see File)and student conferencing is used.

Pizza Party Fraction Checklist


1. As time allows, repeat the same activity, mixing reservation cards and giving students another number of guests to serve. This can be done as many times as needed.
2. Provide unsliced pizzas for a class pizza party. With students observing, cut the pizzas using fractional parts to allow each student a slice. This will allow students the opportunity to see what they learned put to use.

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