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Millennium Scrapbook

Cynthia Youngblood
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students create a millennium scrapbook, collecting stories about the past millennium and including photos of local, national, international events. They may also include information about personal lives.


The student locates, organizes, and interprets written information for a variety of purposes, including classroom research, collaborative decision making, and performing a school or real-world task.

The student uses a variety of reference materials, including indexes, magazines, newspapers, and journals, and tools, including card catalogs and computer catalogs, to gather information for research topics.

The student drafts and revises writing that -is focused, purposeful, reflects insight into the writing situation;-conveys a sense of completeness and wholeness with adherence to the main idea;-has an organizational pattern that provide for a logical progression of ideas;-has support that is substantial, specific, revelant, concrete, and/or illustrative;-demonstrates a commitment to and an involvement with the subject;-has clarity in presentation of ideas;uses creative writing strategies appropriate to the purpose of the paper;demonstrates a command of language (word choice) with freshness of expression;has varied sentence structure and sentences that are complete except when fragments are used and purposefully; andhas few, if any, convention errors in mechanics, usage, and punctuation.


-Typing paper
-Construction Paper
-Magazine pictures
-Newspaper clippings and pictures
-Original drawings (optional)
-Computer graphics (optional)
-Grammar text for grammar and usage rules, MLA guidelines for Works Cited page


1. Make a model scrapbook for students.

2. Prepare a brief introductory presentation, explaining his or her own scrapbook.


1. Lead class discussion about the -Millennium Mania-. (Discuss the meaning of the word millennium, 1000 years of time.) Since we have just crossed a time threshold into a new millennium, ask students to discuss any fears they had about the millennium rollover and whether or not those fears came true.

2. Assign the -Millennium Scrapbook-. Have students collect at least twenty stories about millennial celebrations, the Y2K Bug scare, and important events of the past millennium. Students may also include photos of their houses, town, school, and friends. Students will write a paragraph about each story using correct grammar and usage. Using the Modern Language of Association guidelines, students will write a -Works Cited - page to document the sources of their stories and paragraph information.

3. Explain that the scrapbook will be assessed to see if they have included at least twenty pages of collected stories with paragraphs about the millennium.

4. Evaluate scrapbook to see if the student expressed events through visual images placed in scrapbook and the content, grammar, and usage of the paragraphs.

5. Bonus points may be given if the student shares scrapbook with the class in an informal oral presentation.


The scrapbook is assessed to see if the student expressed events through visual images placed in the twenty-page scrapbook (Suggested: 3 points for each page=60 points); the student wrote twenty paragraphs using correct grammar and usage (Suggested: 2 points for each paragraph=40 points); and the student included a -Works Cited- page (Suggested: 10 points).
Since this is a lengthy project students should conference with the teacher a few days after finding their images. They should also have access to examples for the bibliography page. Students should be encouraged to peer assess the paragraphs or use the computer and available tools for grammar and spell check. A couple of days prior to the due date, students should be given a checklist (teacher created) and a reminder of what is expected and when. Those who are having difficulty need to conference with the teacher.
Bonus points may be given for presenting it in an oral presentation.


Teacher may assign this as an in-class assignment.
This assignment could also be done as a poster.
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