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Are You Sure They Lived Happily Ever After?

Diane Goodson


Have you ever wondered whether some of the fairy tales would have truly ended “happily ever after” if the story had continued? Predict what will happen after the frog prince marries the princess in the [The Frog Prince Continued].


The student writes for familiar occasions, audiences and purposes (including but not limited to entertaining, informing, responding to literature).


-Copy of [The Frog Prince] ISBN 0590465716
and [The Frog Prince Continued] by Jon Scieszka, ISBN 014054285X
-Story Questions (see Associated File)
-Story Chart (see Associated File)
-Writing paper
-Copy of the Story Writing Rubric


1. Obtain the books [The Frog Prince] and [The Frog Prince Continued].
2. Make copy of story questions.
3. Make a poster of the Story Chart.
4. Make a copy of the Story Writing Rubric.


Day 1
1. Read [The Frog Prince] to the students.

2. Students discuss the story using questions (See Associated File). Be sure to discuss clearly defined characters, the story's beginning, middle and end.

Day 2

3. Using the Story Chart, (Associated File) discuss and record what the students predict will happen in [The Frog Prince Continued]. Ask for predictions about specific characters and what will happen at the beginning, the middle and the end. Ask for predictions about the setting and the plot. You may need to review the meaning of these words. Allow individual students to write these predictions into whole sentences on the board or overhead. Remind students about beginning sentences with capital letters and puttting ending punctuation.

4. Read the story [The Frog Prince Continued].

5. Check the Story Chart to compare what they predicted to the actual events of the story. Be sure to use the words setting, plot, character, beginning, middle and end.

Day 3

6. Share with students that they will be writing a continuation of the story read yesterday, [The Frog Prince Continued]. Go over the rubric with students to let them know how they will be assessed. Review the words, setting, plot, character, beginning, middle, and end. The rubric can be handed out individually or displayed via an overhead or rewritten on a displayed chart.

6. Ask for questions about the assignment. Students write a continuation of [The Frog Prince Continued]. As they write, circulate and offer feedback and guidance. Refer to the rubric as needed.


Evaluate the continued story using the rubric attached. Allow students who need extra time for revisions to have it.


Have the children act out their continuation stories with a partner. Students can also illustrate their stories.

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Click "Short Stories" and then type in the title, The Frog Prince.
The Frog Prince

Attached Files

Questions for the Story [The Frog Prince]      File Extension: pdf

The Story Chart     File Extension: pdf

Story Rubric     File Extension: pdf

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