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Abraham Lincoln

Ann Lyons


Students listen to [Young Abraham Lincoln, Log-Cabin President] to learn the facts and accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln. The students will work cooperatively to decide whether the index card that contains the pre-written fact or accomplishment is correct or incorrect. The index cards were created in a Word Document file.


The student knows significant aspects of the lives and accomplishments of selected men and women in the period of United States history before 1880 (for example, Sacajawea, George Washington, Betsy Ross, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman).


-[Abraham Lincoln, Log Cabin President] A Troll First-Start Biography by Andrew Woods; illustrated by Pat Schories; Harcover by Turtleback Books distributed by Demco Media 1997 (ASIN 0833590766)
-Copies of fact and accomplishment cards for each group, see associated file.
-Chart paper
-Sandwich-size zip lock bags.


1. Obtain a copy of [Young Abraham Lincoln, Log-Cabin President] by Andrew Woods to read to the class.
2. Make copies of the 16 cards with facts and accomplishments from Abraham Lincoln’s life based on the book and the “YES” and “NO” heading, see associated file.
3. Cut out the cards and place in a sandwich-size zip lock bag.


1. Introduce the book, [Young Abraham Lincoln, Log-Cabin President] to the class by asking if anyone has heard of Abraham Lincoln. Discuss the job of the president.

2. Read the book to the class.

3. After reading the book, as a class, list some facts and accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln from the book on chart paper.

4. Day 2: Review by taking a “picture walk” through the book. Let the students tell you what is happening in the picture.

5. Divide the class into groups of two or three and distribute the facts and accomplishment cards.

6. Play the fact/accomplishment game:
a. Children work together in groups of 2-3.
b. Each group will have a “YES” heading, a “NO” heading and 16 cards that list facts and accomplishments.
c. The children will take turns reading each fact. The group decides where to place each statement based on whether it is or is not a fact from Abraham Lincoln’s life.
d. The game is complete when all cards are placed under a heading.

7. The teacher will circulate around the room to observe and offer assistance as needed.

8. Record information for each group in regards to:
a. Proper placement of cards
b. Taking turns
c. Working with others


The students, working cooperatively in small groups, will decide which facts and accomplishments were part of Abraham Lincoln’s life based on the book, [Young Abraham Lincoln, Log-Cabin President].

The teacher will formatively assess by observing the students during the placing of the cards in the proper category.
Formative assessment includes:
• Proper placement of cards
• Working with others
• Listening carefully for facts and information
• Taking turns


Read other books about Abraham Lincoln such as [Just Like Abe Lincoln] by Bernard Waber, [A Picture Book of Abraham Lincoln] by David A. Adler, et al.

Make a timeline using pictures or words of Abraham Lincoln’s life.

Compare and contrast Abraham Lincoln to another President.

Build a log cabin.

Students write three facts about Abraham Lincoln’s life.

Students write what they think their life would have been like living with Abraham Lincoln.

Introduce the students to music from the Civil War period. Standard -- The student knows the general cultural and/or historical settings of various types of music (e.g., songs related to American celebrations and daily life).

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