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Give Me the Seven Digits

Farica King
Santa Rosa District Schools


Using the telephone directory, city directory, and business directory, students practice locating specific information.


The student organizes and interprets information from a variety of sources for a school or real-world task.


-Telephone books
-City directories
-Business directories
-Questions for each group (either on index cards or in handout form)
-Overhead projector
-Overhead transparency of sample questions (select several from attached file)


1. Secure telephone directories, city directories, and business directories for class use.
2. Create index cards (or handouts) using specific information questions (download from attached file).
3. Prepare overhead transparency using several questions from the attached file.
4. Assign students to cooperative groups.


1. Place index cards (or handouts) in cooperative group areas.

2. Explain purpose and many uses of the telephone directory and business directory, emphasizing portions of the directories students may not be accustomed to.

3. Explain purpose and uses of city directories. Demonstrate steps involved in using a city directory.

4. Using the overhead transparency, read aloud several questions to students. Direct student attention to portions of the various directories students may not be accustomed to.

5. Demonstrate use of telephone directory, business directory, and city directory to answer questions.

6. Call upon students to help locate several answers as a class.

7. Separate students into cooperative groups.

8. Direct students to begin cooperative group activities. (Each group will turn in one answer sheet.)

9. Circulate and assist students as needed.

10. Assess student work.


Assess each group's work to determine if students used the telephone directory, business directory, and/or city directory to answer each question. Students should answer the questions completely using the appropriate business names, addresses, and telephone numbers. (Each group will turn in one answer sheet.)

Fifteen questions are included in the -Telephone Directory Question- file. Each question requires several answers. Each portion of the question is graded separately, making each individual answer worth two points each. (Please download questions from attached file, Telephone Directory Questions.)

Attached Files

The attached file, Telephone Directory Questions,.     File Extension: pdf

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