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Natural Patterns

Janet Turner


This lesson reinforces recognition of patterns using items collected from outside the classroom (i.e.: leaves, sticks, rocks, etc…).


The student uses concrete objects to create a pattern.


-Lunch size paper bags (each)
-18x12 Construction paper (1 per pair)
-Pencils (for names)


Make sure that all your materials are on hand before starting lesson


1. Review patterns with students.

2. Explain to the students that they are going to go on a nature walk and during that nature walk they are going to collect objects that they will be using with their partner to make a pattern with.

3. Assign or allow students to select a partner.

4. Distribute paper bags (one per student) as student’s line up to go on a nature walk around the school.

5. Take students on a walk around the school. Go to the playground too. Many good items such as leaves, sticks, rocks, feathers, seeds, etc… can be found if you look hard enough!

6. After students have collected enough items, return to the classroom.

7. Tell the students that they and their partner are going to make patterns out of the items they collected. But before they glue their items to the paper they need to lay them out in the pattern that they have decided on together.

8. Walk around the room evaluating patterns; give corrective feedback and redirecting before items are glued.

9. After all partners have completed their patterns, put on counter to dry. Share papers when the items are dry.


Formatively assess that at least an AB pattern(eg:acorn,leaf,acorn,leaf,acorn, leaf...) is represented by the objects found outside and glued as such on to the construction paper.
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