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Making Sense with Amelia Bedelia

Elisabeth Coogle


Students learn about multiple word meanings with the help of Amelia Bedelia.


The student uses context cues to define multiple meaning words.

The student identifies simple, multiple-meaning words.

The student develops vocabulary by reading independently and listening to and discussing both familiar and conceptually challenging selections.


-A copy of the book [Teach Us Amelia Bedelia] by Peggy Parish
-Notebook paper
-Copies of the attached assessment, one per student
-Chart paper and marker or chalkboard and chalk


-Gather materials
-Make student copies of attached file
-Read story ahead of time


1. Gather students for a reading of [Teach Us Amelia Bedelia].

2. Make a class list of words or phrases that Amelia Bedelia misunderstood. (Call the roll, practice the play, etc...) Allow students to offer comments.

3. Tell students that they are to pretend that they are teachers at the school where Amelia is teaching. Ask how they could help make the directions clearer for Amelia.

4. Pass out notebook paper for students. Instruct students to rewrite three confusing items in a way that Amelia will understand.

5. When students are finished, they may complete the assessment.


Students must answer three out of the five assessment questions correctly. (See Associated File.)


If students enjoy this book, you may wish to repeat the activity with other Amelia Bedelia books.

Attached Files

An assessment in Stanford 9 vocabulary format.     File Extension: pdf

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