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Action Counting to Ten

Patricia Hope


Children kinesthetically learn numbers by using interactive verses that describe how to write numbers from 1 10.


The student reads and writes numerals to 10 or more.


- Numeric flash cards to 10
- Dry erase marker boards for each student
- Dry erase markers for each student


1. Gather materials for activity.
2. Organize materials to be ready for easy distribution


1. Teach children the verse: One two, buckle my shoe,
Three, four, shut the door,
Five, six, pick up sticks,
Seven, eight, lay them straight,
Nine, ten, the big fat hen.

2. Use flash cards of numbers 1 10 to show children how the numbers look.

3. Teach numbers by drawing them in the air as you recite the following rhymes: (then physically blow the number away into the air after you write it in the air)
(1) When you fall down from the sun that is how you make a one. (Blow it away)
(2) Half way around the track and back, two, two, two (Blow it away)
(3) Around the tree and around the tree will be, what you do to make a three. (Blow it away)
(4) Down and over and down some more, that is how you make a four. (Blow it away)
(5) Go down, give him a big fat tummy, put on his hat and he looks so funny 5, 5, 5. (Blow it away)
(6) Half way around and now for the tricks, you lay an egg and make a six. (Blow it away
(7) Across the sky and down from heaven, that is how you make a 7. (Blow it away)
(8) Make an S, but do not wait, climb back up to make an 8. (Blow it away)
(9) Make a lemon, then a line, that is how you make a 9. (Blow it away)
(10) Ten, ten the big fat hen (hold up 10 fingers as you say this one then blow it away)

4. Repeat step 3 daily in morning activities until you think that most children know how
to recognize and write the numbers in the air.

5. Use dry erase marker boards and markers for children to physically practice writing
Numbers 1 10.

6. Formatively assess children daily as they are able to write numbers to 10, asking them to read the numbers they have written.


Students write numbers 1 10 and individually read the numbers to the teacher
All 10 numbers are formed correctly and identified correctly to the teacher.


1. Write the numbers in shaving cream on the tables
2. Write the numbers with water and a paint brush on the chalkboard
3. Write the numbers with water colors, markers, or paint markers
4. Write the numbers in pudding
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