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Different Strokes for Different Folks

Rhonda Cawthon


Students are taken to the media center to review various genre of literature, apply information and concepts to evaluate examples and locate specific genre, and search for materials for reading enjoyment.


The student understands the distinguishing features of literary texts (for example, fiction, drama, poetry, biography, historical fiction, chapter books).


-books on various genre
-teacher produced worksheet


1. Teacher makes list of characteristics of various forms of genre to review with students.
2. Teacher selects examples of historical fiction, fantacy fiction, mysteries, biographies, autobiographies, easy fiction, non-fiction to show to students.
3. Type a worksheet of genre examples which students will locate.



1. Class visits Media Center and teacher introduces characteristics of specific genre of literature (ie: easy fiction, fiction (chapter books), historical fiction, science fiction (fantasy), realistic fiction, fables, folk tales, fairy tales, non-fiction, biography, and poetry.

2. Make a web of genre characteristics

3. Students, in small groups, browse library books for examples of various genre. Teacher gives corrective feedback as needed and points out clues in books (text passages, story beginnings, call numbers of books).


4. Students locate specific examples of literary genre and list titles on teacher produced worksheet-see attachment. Teacher gives corrective feedback. A follow-up session as needed for those showing difficulties in mastering this skill.

5. Students selects genre for checkout (reading pleasure).


Formatively assess each student’s selection of various literary texts.
Evidence - students choose and list an example of each given literary genre.
Criteria – students, in small groups, list specific titles of genre examples on teacher produced worksheet. Teacher check titles for genre.

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