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Romeo, Who for Art Thou Author?

Leslie Briggs
Santa Rosa District Schools


Instead of the typical introduction to a new author, students use the Internet to discover facts about Shakespeare.


The student selects and uses a variety of electronic media (such as the Internet, information services, and desktop-publishing software programs) to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information.


-Worksheet: Shakespeare Internet Discovery (see attached file)
-Computer with Internet access


1. Secure parental permission for Internet access.
2. View the suggested web sites.
3. Print a copy of the Internet Activity Sheet. (See attached file.)
4. Arrange research time in the media center or computer lab with access to the Internet.
5. Prepare copies for each student.


1. Prior to beginning activity, teacher gets parental permission for each student to access the Internet at school.

2. On the day of the activity, the teacher tells the students that they are going to read a new drama, [Romeo and Juliet], and the teacher leads a class discussion on their knowledge of this famous story.

3. Teacher introduces the day's activity.

4. Teacher tells the students that they are going to complete an Internet activity to discover information about the author, William Shakespeare.

5. Teacher passes out a copy of the Internet activity sheet to each student. (See attached file.)

6. Teacher reads the sheet with the students. Students may ask questions, and the teacher can clarify any misunderstandings. The teacher will also need to review how to search for answers using the Internet. Students need reminding of how to use key words to limit search. Students may also need suggestions for selecting search engines. This discussion of Internet use must be tailored to fit the needs of the teacher's particular class.

7. Teacher takes the class to the media center.

8. Students begin Internet activity.

9. Teacher monitors and assists students.

10. All student work is taken up and assessed by the teacher.

11. After the assessment is complete, teacher returns the work to the students, and the teacher leads a discussion of the questions asked on the activity sheet.


The student's work is assessed for complete and correct answers. The student must not only give the answer to the question, but he/she must also give the URL address. The URL address provides proof that the student discovered the answer. The teacher may use a point system for assessing the work, or the teacher may want to use the following checklist for assessing the work:

1. Did the student attempt all of the questions? Yes or No
2. Did the student write the URL address for each of the answers? Yes or No
3. Did the student have fewer than four spelling errors? Yes or No
4. Did the student use lab time wisely? Yes or No


Depending on the computer literacy of your class, you may want to partner the students. Some students who do not have computer access at home are sometimes intimidated by working on the web, so by having a partner, anxieties are lessened and peer-learning happens.

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