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Verb Sheet

Susan Battle


Given a blank template from the instructor, students will fill out the information on the conjugation of any tense of the verbs, and then write teacher-dictated sentences using these verbs.


The student interacts in the target language in a number of true-life situations chosen from a variety of contexts (e.g., asking for information).


-Spanish text or a list of verbs being studied
-Class copies of Verb Sheet (See attached files)
-Chalkboard or overhead projector
-Chalk or colored markers
-Pen or pencil


1. Class copies of Verb Sheet. (See attached file.)
2. Make key for Verb Sheet in the attached file.
3. Chalk board or overhead projector
4. Chalk or different colored markers.
5. Pen or pencil and paper for Extension activities.


1. Students will be introduced to [-ar] verbs. These verbs will be given in the present tense. Students will review what subject pronouns are in English. Examples: First person singular I= [Yo]; Second person singular (familiar) You= [Tu]; and Third person singular He= [El], She= [Ella], You= [Usted] (formal). Plural forms (I plus you) We= [Nosotros/Nosotras]; Them/ [Ellos], They [Ellas], Yous (formal)= [Ustedes].

2. Students will be given a blank template for verb conjugation.

3. Teacher will present and model the regular [-ar] verb conjugation pattern.

4. Teacher will translate the meaning of the verb in the infinitive form. (Discuss what an infinitive form of a verb is.)

5. Students will be given regular [-ar] verbs to include on Verb Sheet: [hablar], [contar], [mirar], [andar], [tocar], and [tomar].

6. Teacher will circulate to check correctness.

7. Teacher will call out sentences using these verbs. Students will dictate these sentences. Example sentences for dictation:
[Juan habla con Maria].
[Estudients hablan con el ensenar].

8. Have students write twenty sentences using the verbs from the Verb Sheet and current vocabulary.

9. Formatively assess dictated sentences and student-created sentences.


Students will individually fill out sheet according to patterns on the Verb Sheet. (See attached file.) Formatively assess the verb conjugation to see if students answered at least 85% correctly. (Students who do not answer at least 85% correctly needs more instruction on verb conjugation.) Students will also use the correct verbs in teacher-dictated sentences. Formatively assess the sentences to see if students answered at least 85% correctly. (Students who do not dictate each sentence correctly needs more instruction on verb conjugation.)


Students could write a paragraph using some of the verbs on the Verb Sheet.
Students could write a brief story or a poem using forms of the verbs on the Verb Sheet.

Attached Files

The Verb Sheet.     File Extension: pdf

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