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Chunking Huck Finn

Lisa Glenn


Students read a designated chapter of [The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn]. In small groups, students discuss chapter summary and answer specific questions related to the chapter. Groups will present summaries, addressing answers to specific questions, thereby chunking information.


The student determines the author's purpose and point of view and their effects on the text.

The student selects and uses a variety of speaking strategies to clarify meaning and to reflect understanding, interpretation, application, and evaluation of content, processes, or experiences, including asking relevant questions when necessary, making appropriate and meaningful comments, and making insightful observations.


-Class copies of Mark Twain's [The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn]
-Pencil or pen
-Chapter questions (See attached file)


Teacher Preparation:
1. The teacher should have read Chapters 39-42.
2. The teacher should have prepared chapter questions for students to answer. (See attached file.)
3. The teacher should decide how groups will be formed.


(Note: Students have previously read through chapter 38 in the novel.) Tell the class that they are going to read and to present the remaining chapters to the class. Each group will have one chapter to read, then discuss it in their groups, and present it to the class tomorrow.

1. Assign each group a chapter to read starting with Chapter 39.

2. The class reads their designated chapter silently for twenty minutes.

3. While class is reading, write chapter specific questions on each chapter for each group to address in their presentations.

4. The class copies all questions to be addressed.

5. After twenty minutes, the groups gather to discuss who and how they will present the chapter summary, making sure the questions from the board are addressed.

6. On the next day, the first group will present Chapter 39.

7. Each group presents until Chapter 42 has been summarized.

8. Each group turns in written answers to their chapter questions.

9. Culminate by reading the final chapter of the novel together.

10. Assess each group's presentation. (See Assessment.)


While groups are presenting, listen for each question to be addressed and whether or not it is answered correctly. Each group should have written answers to the group's questions. Assess for adequate eye contact, knowledge of the chapter, and voice. The teacher or students may ask questions to clarify and to verify comprehension of the chapter.


In the presentation, the group could be required to act out the chapter with props and costumes.
This group process can be used for any of the chapters in the novel, as long as the teacher has a list of questions to be addressed. (This makes the assignment have more validity and purpose to the students.)

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