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Christmas Shoppers

Anne Brandon
Escambia County Schools


Children use a parachute and shopping bags to play a Christmas shopping game.


The student identifies appropriate behaviors for participating with others in physical activity settings.


-Beanie Baby type stuffed animals
-Bean bags
-Wiffle balls
-Candy canes
-Plastic golf balls
-An assortment of five or six shopping bags with handles
-Pencil and paper for each student


1. Obtain a parachute.
2. Place parachute on the play area.
3. Collect items that are to be caught by the player (Beanie Babies, bean bags, whiffle balls, trinkets, candy canes, and an assortment of shopping bags).


1. Spread out parachute.

2. Have students sit evenly spaced around the parachute.

3. Select three to four students to sit in the middle of the parachute.

4. Scatter toys on the parachute.

5. Children sitting around the edge of the parachute should grab hold of the edge of the parachute and shake the parachute hard enough to raise the items into the air. (Emphasize that safety is always first in any activity.)

6. The shoppers sitting on the parachute remain sitting and try to catch
the items in their shopping bags as the items fly through the air.

7. Tell the children on the outside circle that they are to stop shaking the parachute when they hear the phrase, HO HO HO.

8. Tell the students that the next two or three students to sit in the middle of the parachute will be students who followed the directions given by the instructor.

9. The winner of the game is the child who had the most items in his or her shopping bag.

10. Assess the activity.


The activity will conclude with a discussion of the rules that were followed in this activity.
Questions to be asked:
Did all of the students play fairly?
Did anyone get hurt?
Did anyone shake the parachute too hard?
How do you think that teamwork played an important part in this game?
Tell the children to choose one of the following questions and write five sentences explaining their reasons.

1.How would you shake the parachute if you wanted to keep the items on the parachute away from the children in the center of the parachute?
2.How would you shake the parachute if you wanted the students on the parachute to catch the most items?

Students should be able to explain appropriate behaviors for participating with others for the question they chose.
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