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Reading Predictions

Martha Todd
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students use a table of contents, index, headings, captions, illustrations, and major words to predict content and purpose of reading from their science or social studies textbook.


The student uses text features to predict content and monitor comprehension (for example, uses table of contents, indexes, captions, illustrations, key words, preview text).

The student extends previously learned prereading knowledge and skills of the fourth grade with increasingly complex reading texts and assignments and tasks.


-Prediction sheets (see file)
-Science or Social Studies Textbook
-Overhead transparency of prediction sheet


1. Select 2 chapters in Science or Social Studies text: one to use as a class as an example, and one that the students are currently ready to read.
2. Duplicate Prediction Sheets for each student (see file)
3. Make a transparency of the Prediction Sheet to use as an introduction for the class.


1. Students have selected textbooks closed on their desks.

2. Teacher opens by giving the title of the chapter to be discussed today. Ask what they know about the subject before even opening their books. Then allow students to list ways that they could figure out what the chapter is about before reading it...lead them to table of contents, index, headings, major words, illustrations.

3. Pass out Prediction Sheets (file).

4. Using a transparency of the file, go through another chapter in the same text, pointing out the various items on the chart, and writing in the chart the things they see are in the chapter just by looking at those areas in their books. (Students don't write down anything yet)

5. Students turn to the chapter to be read today and use the prediction sheet to predict what material will be covered and what they might learn from reading this chapter.

6. Teacher monitors as students complete the prediction sheet and help as needed. A chart completed correctly signifies that the student is becoming aware of quick ways to determine content of a selection and a purpose for reading.

7. Go over the Prediction Sheets as a class and let students share their observations. Allow students to add to the information they found originally on their charts.


Students complete a Prediction Sheet as a formative assessment. The students share what they observed and learned from each other.


The Prediction Sheet could be used again and graded.
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