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Historical Timelines

Deborah Brannon


Students learn how to read timelines and make timelines of their own lives by putting special dates of their choice in chronological order.


The student understands chronology (for example, knows how to construct and label a timeline of events).


-A book on Florida History that contains a timeline
-Construction paper.
-Pencils and pens.


1. List times to be put on the class timeline for the board.
2. Gather construction paper.


1. Students study timelines in their Florida History book as a class. If one is not available, create one based on the events in the book.

2. Students learn to interpret timelines that are in their Florida History books or are created by the teacher based on the events in the book, through discussion, questions, modeling and examining.

3. Students make a timeline as a class on the board that shows various times (EX. 1st day in 4th grade.) Supervises and help with this activity. Point out titles, dates, correct chronology, spacing, etc.

4. Students make their own timelines of their lives from birth to present time.


Assess student timelines for:
-10 events from their lives
-chronological order of the events
-correct labeling of the years, titles, etc.
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