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Funky Phone Calls

Debbie Eller


Students place call, initiate communication and respond effectively. Students become familiar and comfortable with good telephone etiquette skills with real life application of those skills.


Initiate communication and respond effectively in a variety of situations.


-Working telephone
-Funky Phone Calls Worksheet for each student (see associated file)
-Writing utensils
-Checklist for each student (see associated file)


1. Gather materials for activity (writing utensils, worksheets, checklist, working telephone)
2. Make copies of work sheet for all students.
3. Make copy of the checklist for each student and teacher copies (one for each student).
4. Contact each store to inform them students will be calling.
5. Allow enough time for practice.


1. Discuss making phone calls to obtain information with class.

2. Model a phone call to a local store to gain information in front of the class.

3. Encourage students to share experiences of times they have made this type of phone call.

4. Discuss other types of phone calls one might make. Remind students at this time of proper phone etiquette and manners.

5. Give students a “Funky Phone Calls” worksheet (see associated file).

6. Explain to students they will place a call to a local store to gather specific information listed on the given worksheet.

7. Review with students exactly what information they need to obtain.

8. Give students a copy of the check list.

9. Tell students they will be assessed on that information.

10. Remind students of proper etiquette/manners.

11. Give the students time to practice (role play) with one another before actually placing their call.

12. Fill out checklist immediately as student initiates call to store. Finish checklist when student give oral presentation.

13. Student calls store and asks for a specific dept.

14. When reaching that department student asks for availability and price of a specific item.

15. Student records that information on given worksheet.

16. Encourage students to share their experience with each other.

17. Student reports orally to class the information they obtained.

18. Calculate student scores and return to them for feedback.


Use the attached checklist to formatively assess initiation of communication and response by student with local department store, and oral presentation.
Assessment Tool: Checklist
Student places call to local store, student completes “Funky Phone Calls” worksheet, then student gives information during class presentation.
1. Student calls local department store.
2. Student initiates communication with store operator by asking for specific department.
3. Student effectively responds by asking for price and availability of a specific item.
4. Student records information obtained on a work sheet.
5. Student reports orally to class.


This particular lesson can be converted for a variety of purposes and though written for a special education setting adapted to any class teaching life skills.

1. This lesson can be adapted for the hearing impaired but changed to written communication skills. In this setting students would actually go to the store or business and correspond through small written messages. This is excellent practice for our hearing impaired students.
2. For ESOL students this lesson can be easily adapted. Remind students that many businesses have a choice of languages to choose from and they need to use good listening skills when placing the initial call. If possible find one of those businesses to use for these students .If this is not possible in your area your ESOL students may require more time for communicating in English with your businesses. Always remember to call the businesses a head of time to let them know your students will be calling. They will work with you.
3. This lesson is a great lesson to expound on for a variety of purposes. For example: students call to book appointments with physicians, call to arrange travel plans, call to make reservations with restaurant, hotel, and so on. Use your imagination, allow your students the opportunity to help you decide who they may want to call.
4. This lesson could also be help for career classes in helping students overcome fears of calling businesses to check on job opportunities.
5. Worksheets can be adjusted for many alternative lessons (the sky’s the limit).

Attached Files

Funky Phone Calls Worksheet     File Extension: pdf

Funky Phone Calls Checklist     File Extension: pdf

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