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Number Patterns

MAdele Carson
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students recognize patterns in a series of numbers and symbols. They also make their own patterns and explain them in writing.


The student poses, solves, and explains problems by identifying a predictable visual or numerical pattern such as: Input 1 2 3 7 Output $3 $6 $9 ?

The student analyzes number patterns and states rules for relationships (for example, 2, 4, 7, 9, 12, ...; the rule is: +2, +3, +2, +3, ...).

The student discusses, explains, and analyzes the rule that applies to the pattern.


-Overhead and markers or board
-Pencils for students
-Copies of attached file


1. Copy the attached file for students.
2. The teacher may want to review patterns. The teacher must remind the students that in order to figure out the pattern, they must see how each number or symbol is related to the one before and the one after.


1. Demonstrate patterns with simple pictures on the overhead or board. For example: 1, 2, 4, 8,16,_____ . Elicit the correct response (32) and ask the students to explain their thinking. 'If 16 is the last number in the pattern, and the next number is doubled, then the answer is 32.'

2. Demonstrate a variety of patterns, reiterating that to see the pattern you must see the relationship the numbers or symbols have with one another.

3. Review the pattern worksheet together.

4. Students make their own patterns and share them with one another. They must be able to explain the pattern.


Students are assessed by how well they figure out the patterns on the attached file. In addition, they share the three patterns they make up and are able to describe in detail the explanation for the assessment.


Using colored construction paper and Ellison dies of pattern blocks, the students make a design of the shapes on sheets of manilla paper. When presenting to the class, the pattern must be figured out and explained by a classmate and the designer must explain it.

Attached Files

Pattern Assessment worksheet.     File Extension: pdf

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