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Wrapped Up In A Kiss!

Angela Raybon


This activity is a fun way for students to estimate, predict and measure using a Hershey's Kiss


The student measures length, weight, and capacity of objects using standard and nonstandard units.


-Hershey Kisses
-Centimeter rulers
-Paper and pencils


1. Have chocolate Hershey Kisses available.
2. Have centimeter rulers available.
3. Have paper and pencils available


1. Show Hershey’s Kisses to children in the wrapper.

2. Ask students, “What shape does the kiss look like now?

3. Ask students, “What do you think the shape of the wrapper is when unwrapped?

4. You may graph students predictions to see how many guessed correctly.

5. Give each student a chocolate Hershey’s Kiss.

6. Have students carefully unwrap their candy to avoid tearing the wrapper.

7. Ask students, “What shape did you find?”

8. Have students estimate the length of the foil square.

9. Pass out a centimeter ruler to each student.

10. Have each student measure the wrapper.

11. Check student’s measurement and give feedback.

12. Give students a vareity of objects to measure for practice and

13. Children get to eat the Hershey's Kiss.


This activity will assess measuring length to the nearest centimeter only.
Teacher circulates while formatively assessing student’s ability to use centimeter ruler correctly.
Teacher gives students a variety of objects to measure while
circulating and providing feedback to studens, while formatively assessing their knowledge of measuring to the nearest centimeter.


This activity can be used to teach the perimeter of a square.
This activity can be used with estimating capacity. Students can estimate how many kisses come in a bag and then count to check their estimation.

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