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Find a Character, Tell a Story

Patricia Morres
Santa Rosa District Schools


Students choose a character from a magazine, complete a character sketch, and develop a short story placing this character in a situation.


The student drafts and revises writing that: is focused, purposeful, and reflects insight into the writing situation; has an organizational pattern that provides for a logical progression of ideas; has effective use of transitional devices that contribute to a sense of completeness; has support that is substantial, specific, relevant, and concrete; demonstrates a commitment to and involvement with the subject; uses creative writing strategies as appropriate to the purpose of the paper; demonstrates a mature command of language with precision of expression; has varied sentence structure; and has few, if any, convention errors in mechanics, usage, punctuation, and spelling.

The student writes fluently for a variety of occasions, audiences, and purposes, making appropriate choices regarding style, tone, level of detail, and organization.


-Magazines (teen oriented)
-Writing Utensil
-Chararater questionnaire (see attached file)


1.Teacher should have previously taught the elements of a short story.
2. Teacher should display a few model assignments from past students or create a teacher-made product.
3.Provide teen oriented magazines which will be cut up.



1. Explain to students that they will be participating in a project which will be in two parts.

2. To complete this project they will select a character from a magazine and write a short story placing the character in a situation.

3. Tell them that the first part of the project involves choosing a picture from a magazine which is full body or close up shot of a person.

4. After choosing the photo, students need to cut it out of the magazine and display it on their desks.

5. Distribute the characterization questionnaire. (see attached file)

6. Explain to students that they will complete this questionnaire, which is the first part of the grade, about their characters.

7. Tell the students that they will write a short story placing the character in a specific situation of their choice.

8. Instruct the students that their writing should be focused, purposeful, organized and make use of transitional words.

9. Each student should turn in a picture of the character, the character sketch, a rough draft of the story and a final copy.

10. Teacher assesses assignment. (see assessment)


Part one Assessment: (picture and worksheet)

-Definitely ready to begin the story: Student completes every blank on character questionnaire sheet and attaches magazine picture.
-Probably ready to begin the story: Student partially completes chararacter questionnaire and attaches picture.
-Not ready to begin the story: Student completes questionnaire but does not attach picture or has picture but not a completed questionnaire.
- See me at once: Student does not have picture or completed questionnaire.

Part two Assessment: (picture, worksheet, rough draft and final draft)

- Definitely ready to be turned in for a final assessment:
Student provides teacher with: character sketch, picture, rough draft and final draft of writing which is focused , purposeful, organized and uses transition words.
-Probably ready for final assessment but could be better: Student turns in complete writing project, etc. but may not be in final form, focused well, uses tone, style, or transitions well.
- Not ready for final assessment: Student's writing project is incomplete and/or writing lacks necessary focus and purpose and has more than five grammar and spelling errors.
-See me at once: Student turns in incomplete assignment and/or does not have necessary focus and purpose.

Attached Files

A character sketch.     File Extension: pdf

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