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Touring Bay County

Kaye Maddox
Bay District Schools


Touring Bay County helps students become comfortable using the Bay County History CD Rom for research by sending them on a scavenger hunt through the CD.


The student understands how individuals, ideas, decisions, and events can influence history.


-Bay County History CD
-Computer with CD Rom
-Student copies of "Let's Go on a Walk" through Bay County worksheet (teacher made depending on the age of the students doing activity)


1. Gather materials needed for each group.
2. Spend time becoming familiar with the program and developing what you want each group to discover as they tour through the CD. Each group should have five or six different questions (more if working with older students)
3. Design "Scavenger Hunt" worksheet for each group.


1. Before students begin, demonstrate to the students how to use the History CD Rom. Make sure you show the use of the hot words, movies, and sound clips that are included in the CD. After the students have observed the usage of the program, they are ready to go on their own in searching the CD.

2. Divide the students into groups of five (or any number that fits with your computers) and assign them to their computer. Students will then attempt to answer the questions assigned to their group.

3. Give students time to complete their scavenger hunt and make notes on their worksheet.

4. After completing their worksheet, ask questions of each group to see how well each student can work through the program on the CD.


After students gather their information, they share with all groups thus allowing all students an opportunity to have a good introduction to our study of Bay County History. Evaluation is based on the presentation that each group shared.

Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.
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