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Can You Hear Me Now?

Miriam Buchanan
Bay District Schools


Students will explain steps to guide another student to reproduce a drawing. Students will also do peer evaluations critiquing articulation abilities.


The student follows verbal directions.

The student evaluates classroom presentations according to volume, stress, pacing, and pronunciation.

The student uses language which is clear, audible, and suitable.


-Chart Paper
-Markers of various colors
-Large design of simple shapes and lines
-Copies of Peer Evaluations in attached file


1. Make copies of Peer Evaluation Forms. (See attached file.)
2. Gather materials, such as chart paper, markers, etc.


1. Review Peer Evaluation Form with students.

2. Students will be paired in groups of two. One student will sit facing the visual and his/her partner will sit facing away from the visual. The student explaining the steps should not be able to see the drawing in progress.

3. A visual is displayed in front of the class. The design should be simple shapes and lines of different lengths.

4. The student facing the visual will explain to his/her partner how to reproduce the visual.

5. The students will be given five minutes to complete this task.

6. During this process, a third student will evaluate the speaker using a copy of Peer Evaluations, Judging Content and Delivery. (See attached file.)

7. The first two students will switch positions and repeat steps 1-4.

8. Students will be shown the original and compare it to their drawing.

9. Students will reflect upon ways they could improve their own articulation skills in explaining directions.


Formative assessment: The first two students will write reflective statements sharing their frustrations in following verbal directions. Additionally, students will do peer evaluations, judging content and delivery. (See attached file: Peer Evaluations, Judging Content and Delivery.)


After completing initial lesson, students will work in groups of three or four to produce a slide presentation on one of the following topics:

Suggestions for Improving Listening Skills
Suggestions for Improving Speaking Skills
Suggestions for Improving Viewing Skills

Requirements for Slide Presentation:
Minimum of eight slides
Graphics from Clip Art

Attached Files

The Peer Evaluation.     File Extension:  pdf
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