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Yummy Adjectives

Samantha Michael


This activity is a fun, tasty, and hands-on experience that allows students to recognize and brainstorm descriptive adjectives to use in their writing. The students work in pairs to take a taste and touch test and record their adjectives used to describe the food and knick-knacks on handout.


The student uses a variety of strategies to prepare for writing (for example, brainstorming, making lists, mapping ideas, grouping related ideas, keeping a notebook of ideas, observing surroundings, answering questions posed by others).

The student uses varied sentence structures.

The student revises draft to further develop a piece of writing by adding, deleting, and rearranging ideas and details.

The student uses creative writing strategies appropriate to the format (for example, using appropriate voice; using descriptive language to clarify ideas and create vivid images; using elements of style, such as appropriate tone).


-Dixie cups or small Styrofoam cups (2 for each student)
-Spoons (enough for each cup/student)
-2 different flavors of ice-cream (quart size)
-Vegetable soup (served warm)
-Creamy Soup (any kind/ served warm)
-Toothbrush (one per pair)
-Sea shells (small pile per pair)
-Sharpened pencil (one per pair)
-Stuffed toy (one per pair)
-Handkerchief, towel or shirt to cover students’ eyes (one per pair)
-Tester/Observer activity sheet (see associated file)
-Notebook paper for adjective word list
-Book: [Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs] by Judi Barrett
-Activity sheet to go with book activity (See associated file)
-Copy of the rubric (See associated file)


1. Gather materials for activity.
2. Prepare food and knick-knacks for each pair of students.
3. Make copies of the attached files.
4. Review adjectives and the five senses.


1. Review with students what an adjective is. Make a word list on the board of student examples.

2. Using the same adjective word list, work with students to make the adjectives more descriptive. (Examples: red= fire engine red, soft= fluffy, hot= spicy.)

3. Review the five senses.

4. Ask students to think of what their favorite food or toy is. Make a separate word list of students' responses of describing their favorite food or toy, using descriptive adjectives.

5. Place students in groups of two and pass out materials for the taste and touch test. Make sure that all items are covered up so that students do not know what the items are until they test them!

6. Explain to students that they will be taking a taste and touch test of two different foods and two different knick-knacks while blindfolded. Each student has a different set of testing items.

7. Starting with the food, each student takes turns guiding their partner through the test to make sure that they don’t spill anything or harm themselves.

8. After the student tests each item, their partner records their adjectives used to describe the item on the tester/observer activity sheet. After testing each food item, the observer circles the smiley face according to their partner’s reaction to the taste of the food.

9. Once the first student tests their food and knick-knacks and the activity sheet is completed, the students switch roles and the process starts over using the remaining testing items.

10. When each pair has completed their activity, they clean up their work area and return to their seats to begin brainstorming a word list of descriptive adjectives.

11. When the whole class has had time to complete the test, clean up and begin a word list of descriptive adjectives, pass out the [Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs] activity sheet to each student.

12. Students read the paragraph and draw what they hear being described in the paragraph. Make sure to explain to students that they are not allowed to draw what they think the picture should look like, but draw it according to how it is actually being described.

13. Students rewrite the paragraph by adding their own descriptive adjectives to make it more creative and fun for the reader. They may use their word list that they brainstormed after the taste and touch activity. Students then draw paragraph based on their own descriptive paragraph.

14. Share students' samples with class and then read out loud the book, [Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs].

15. Assess students' paragraphs. (See rubric in the attached file.)


Use may the [Yummy Adjectives] rubric in the associated file.


This lesson can be extended by having students:
•Elaborate on details using a variety of sentences.
•Replacing average verbs with S.I.X Verbs (Strong, Interesting,Exciting).
•Rewrite the events and/or ending to story.
•Instead of each student drawing his or her new paragraph with descriptive adjectives, they switch paragraphs with a partner and draw each other’s paragraphs.

Attached Files

Yummy Adjectives Rubric     File Extension:  pdf

Tester/Observer activity sheet     File Extension:  pdf

Book Activity activity sheet     File Extension:  pdf
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