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Meet our Teachers

Carolyn Reynolds


The students capture the unique personality traits of your school's teachers and staff using interview skills, an action photo, and sound bite arranged into a Powerpoint presentation that can be shared with the school and parents.


The student uses an effective organizational pattern and substantial support to achieve a sense of completeness or wholeness (for example, considering audience, choosing effective words, sequencing events; using specific details to clarify meaning).


-Computers equipped with Powerpoint, digital imaging software, sound recording software and standard word processing capabilities
-Cassette recorders with cassette tapes
-Floppy disks
-Digital cameras


1. Equip computers with Powerpoint, digital imaging software, sound recording software, and standard word processing program.
2. Contact the teachers/staff members for preferred interview times.
3. Print copies of interview questions for each student with a teacher/staff member’s name to be interviewed and adult’s preferred times for the interview.
4. Print copies of the assessment for each student.
5. Collect cassette players.


(Note: Students are already proficient with Powerpoint, digital imaging software, sound recording software and have keyboard skills.)

1. Discuss the project requirements with the students.

2. Assign each student to a teacher or staff member in the school to interview using a prearranged format and audio recording device.

3. The students transcribe notes and audio recording of the interview into a written vignette of the teacher/staff using supporting details.

4. The students take an action photo of their assigned teacher/staff member.

5. The students use the photo and vignette to create a Powerpoint presentation about their assigned teacher or staff member.

6. The students enhance the vignette with a sound bite from the teacher interview to highlight a personality trait

7. Students organize their slides into a logical flow.

8. Formatively assess each individual student’s slides using the checklist. (see associated files)

9. Arrange the students’ slides into one completed Powerpoint presentation.

10. Arrange for the Powerpoint presentation to be presented to the school on the Morning Show.


Powerpoint slides of an assigned teacher/staff member:
§ Evidence of a clear organizational pattern within each vignette that flows from personal data to personal goals to philosophy of life.
§ Choose effective supporting words and details, organizing them into a clear written picture of each person.
§ The photograph is visually organized among the written data for a pleasing effect
§ The sound bite provides further support for the organized yet holistic presentation
§ The slides are organized in a logical flow that effectively portrays each person holistically through past, present and future, personally and professionally

Attached Files

Meet Our Teachers Interview Questions     File Extension:  pdf

Meet Our Teachers Checklist     File Extension:  pdf
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