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Through the Years (Social Studies)

Kaye Maddox
Bay District Schools


"Through the Years" gives the student an opportunity to write his or her own autobiography using a multimedia format on the computer.


The student understands broad categories of time in years, decades, and centuries.


-Computers with CD-ROM and Internet access
-Presentation software such as the Bookbuilder or Power Point programs
-Pennies for the years the students have lived
-Pictures of students for each year of life
-Color printer
-Mathis, Sharon Bell.The Hundred Penny Box


1. Become familiar with programs such as PowerPoint and Book Builder.
2. Know how to scan pictures.
3. Obtain copy of "The Hundred Penny Box," by Sharon Bell Mathis.
4. Become familiar with the book.
5. Obtain pennies for the different years of students' lives.
6. Prepare note to send home so parents will have time to search out pictures.Assure parents that they will not be destroyed.
7. Set up computer stations with correct programs loaded and ready to use.


1. After several weeks of working with the Bay County History CD and presentation software such as the "Bookbuilder Program" included with that CD, or the Power Point program, the students will then be ready to build a book about their own lives.

2. Read "The Hundred Penny Box" by Sharon Bell Mathis.

3. After reading the book, students find pennies dated each year they have lived.

4. Each srudent makes his or her own hundred-penny box.

5. The students use the Internet and search for special events that have happened during each of the years they have lived.

6. Share these events with the class and make a list for the students to choose from as they do their own books using programs such as "Bookbuilder" or "PowerPoint."

7. After this research has been completed, the students bring in pictures of themselves for each of these years.

8. Scan these pictures into the program that they have chosen.

9. After each student finishes scanning his or her pictures they will be able to develop the book using programs such as "Bookbuilder" or "PowerPoint."

10. Each student writes the event they chose for the year and put the penny in the book with that event. (Pennies can be glued.)

11. The students write about their own pictures for each year.

12. Students present these to the class and maintain copies to take home.

13. This is a long process and requires parental help if working with younger students.


Make student and teacher assessment at the presentation of the book with the rubric to be created with the class prior to the beginning of the project.

Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.
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