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Coordinate Crunch

Lee Strain
Polk County Schools


Students will play a game using their knowledge of how to identify plots on a graph.


The student knows how to identify, locate, and plot ordered pairs of whole numbers on a graph.


-Index cards
-Bag of candy
-Assessment sheet (one per student)
-Game board (one per student)
-File folders (one per student)


1. Make a set of index cards with the number 0 and a set of 2 for the following numbers, 1-6.
2. Set up grid on classroom floor with index cards and string. Put numbers 0-6 on the bottom and 1-6 on the left hand side. Connect the numbers with the string.
3. Print the following coordinates on separate index cards,(3,5), (4,1), (0,5), (6,2), (3,3).
4. Buy candy for the game.
5. Download and copy a gameboard and assessment for each student.


1. Have students gather around the grid that you prepared for the lesson.

2. Tell students this is called a grid and coordinates can be plotted on the grid.

3. Explain to the students that you name a coordinate on the grid by using the numbers on the bottom first and the numbers on side second.

4. Ask a student to go stand on the coordinate (2,4). Assist student if he/she does not start with the bottom number.

5. Continue having volunteers stand on the coordinates such as (3,5), (4,1), (0,5), (6,2), (3,3).

6. Give one student an index card with a coordinate written on it. Have the student stand on the coordinate. Ask a volunteer on which coordinate is the student located. Continue with the other index cards.

7. After practicing, ask the students if they have ever heard of the game Battleship. Tell the students that they will play a game with a grid and some coordinates that is very similar to Battleship.

8. Pass out a game board, file folder and 5 pieces of candy to each student.

9. Tell students to hide their game boards behind the file folder.

10. Tell students that they will place pieces of candy on the grid. The person sitting across will call out a coordinate, if a piece of candy is on the coordinate, then the student wins the piece of candy. The student continues until he/she calls a coordinate that does not have a piece of candy on it. The next student takes their turn. The game ends when one student has won all the other student's candy. The winner can share with the loser!

11. Give time for students to play game.

12. Assessment can be given after the students have had lots of practice with the game.


Students will identify correct coordinate on the assessment sheet. The student will be successful if he/she has at least 80% correctly identified. The teacher will formatively assess the students while the students are plotting and locating coordinates during the game portion of the lesson. The teacher will assist those students who have difficulty with plotting, locating or identifying coordinates.


Candy pieces can coordinate with different holidays. On Halloween, candy corn can be used. At Christmas candy kisses are a favorite.

For students who have a difficult time remembering to start with bottom row of numbers, the teacher can have the student color the bottom row in green. This will indicate to them to go here first.

Attached Files

Game Board     File Extension:  pdf

Assessment     File Extension:  pdf
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