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Ordering the Alphabet

Sonja Harris


Students learn how to order the letters in the alphabet using twenty words, using names of objects found at home and school, names of animals, and color words.


The student alphabetizes words according to the initial letter.


-Alphabet posted on wall
-Index cards for each student
-Glue stick for each student
-Large sheet of paper for each student
-Red crayon for each student
-List of words


1. Gather materials
2. Choose words.
3. Post alphabet in the room.


1.Begin by inviting students to sing the alphabet song, pointing to the letters/alphabet on the wall as the students sing. This will encourage students to visually pay attention to the order of the alphabet.

2. Explain to the students why ordering the alphabet is important, using a phone book, dictionary, etc. Again, practice saying the letters and pointing to them. Ask individual children to name a letter as you point to it, always pointing in ABC order.

3. Write twenty (or five or ten)words on the board. Include a quick drawing to help students remember what they are, although they don't have to for this lesson.

4. Hand each student twenty (or five or ten) index cards. Each student should copy the words from the board as written.

5. Circulate and help students as needed. Check to make sure the first letter of each word has been correctly copied.

6. Encourage students to participate by saying; "You alphabtize two words and I will. Then we will compare." Choose the A and the B words and then allow students to compare and correct their choices. Observe and note those who will need help.

7. The students continue on their own.

8. Circulate around the room and offer feedback.

9. Once students have their cards in correct order, allow them to glue them to a large sheet of paper. You will need to demonstrate this. As a reinforcement of alphabetical order, allow students to circle the first letter of each word in red.


Students arrange 20 words in correct alphabetical order according to the initial letter. Students who are having trouble will be allowed more practice and feedback, then given additional opportunities until they succeed.


Standard for the State of Tennessee: Content Standard: 1.0: The student will develop the reading and listening skills necessary for word recognition, comprehension, interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and appreciation of print and non-print text.

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