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Community Helpers Wheel

Beth McArthur
Bay District Schools


Using a hand-made spinner, students play a game to reinforce the understanding that some community helpers are producers of goods and some provide a service.


The student understands the difference between goods and services.


-Carson-Dellosa’s Community Helpers Bulletin Board or Teacher-Made
-Paper spinner & arrow templates, (See Associated File)
-Pencils and/or crayons
-Brads for the spinner


1. Post Community Helpers Bulletin Board ahead of activity.
2. Prepare paper spinners and arrows ahead of time


This lesson should occur after the students have been introduced to all of the community helpers posted on the bulletin board.

1. Introduce the activity with a quick review of the occupations on the bulletin board.

2. Distribute the blank spinner templates.

3. The students then create a community helpers spinner by drawing from the bulletin board (or they may cut & paste from the attachment) 3 helpers that produce a goods (things that a community helpers grow and/or make) and 3 helpers that perform a service (things that community helpers do to help people).

4. Circulate while the students are drawing to make sure they understand the task.

5. After spinners are completed, pair students.

6. The students exchange spinners with their partners.

7. Taking turns, one spins the arrow and identifies the community helper as one that provides a good or a service.

8. The partner then repeats the process until all pictures have been identified.

9. As the class participates in this activity, walk around observing the students’ understanding that services or goods are provided by certain community helpers.

10. Use the constructed spinner to show if the students understood which community helpers produce goods or a service.


Use a checklist with students' names to record a plus (+) for those who can verbally tell the difference to the teacher between goods and services.

Use a minus (-) for those who need additional instruction or practice.

Observe the students during the spinner game to see if they understand that services or goods are provided by community helpers and that there is a difference.

Attached Files

Spinner and community helpers graphics.     File Extension: pdf

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