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La Ropa (The Clothing)

Amanda Yates
Polk County Schools


This lesson introduces "clothing" vocabulary. Students listen to vocabulary, practice words by labeling clothes, and recognize the Spanish words for clothing items.


The student follows and gives simple instructions (e.g., instructions to participate in games or instructions provided by the teacher for classroom tasks).

The student restates and rephrases simple information from materials presented orally, visually, and graphically in class.


- Example paper clothesline
- Patterns for the various items of clothing that you introduce
- A pair of scissors for each student
- Enough colored construction paper for each student to make their -clothes-
- Hole punch
- A piece of string for each student
- 2 articles of clothing for each you plan on introducing (ex. 2 shirts, 2 pairs of pants, etc.)
- Overhead/transparency
- 2 laundry bags
(Pick whatever items you want to use, but I started out with hat, pants, shirt, shoes, socks, tie, dress, blouse, jacket, skirt, and belt.)
(el sombrero, los pantalones, la camisa, los zapatos, los calcetines,la corbata, el vestido, la blusa, la chaqueta, la falda, y el cinturon)


1. Make patterns for clothing items you will use.
2. Make your own clothesline. (Cut out clothes and label them.)
3. Get construction paper, scissors, string, clothes (for game), and 2 laundry bags.
4. Prepare the overhead and write clothes words on the transparency.


1. Hang the labeled clothesline that you have made where all students can see it.

2. Point to each labeled item and have the students repeat after you. Repeat this 3 or 4 times.

3. Have students take out a sheet of paper and a pencil.

4. Write each article in Spanish/English on the transparency and have the students copy into their notes.

5. Tell the students that they will make their own clotheslines.

6. Distribute scissors, different colored sheets of paper for each article of clothing, and patterns to pass around the room.

7. Walk around the room and observe students cutting, labeling, and putting the clothes on the clothesline.

8. Once students have finished, have them clean up their mess.

9. You can hang up the clotheslines in your room or you can encourage them to hang them at home (so they can see them everyday). I had my students hang them up at home.

10. Distribute the articles of clothing among the two laundry bags (even better if you do this for preparation) for the game, making sure that you put a pair of pants in one bag and pair of pants in the other bag, etc. Then, pick two students to come to the front of the room. (I made it a game and had a student for each of the two teams).

11. Address the class and let them know that these students will be racing against each other. You (the teacher) will call out the Spanish word for an article of clothing and they will race to grab it out of the laundry bag and show it to you. A point is awarded to the first student who pulls out the correct item and says the name of the item (in Spanish) to you.

12. Depending on the time you have left, proceed with the game, choosing two different students each time to earn points for their team. I gave a homework pass to the winning team.


Listen to students repeat after you. Observe students constructing their clotheslines. Listen to students tell you the Spanish word for an article of clothing and have them repeat it after you, if you notice that they are not saying it correctly. Also, have the students translate these sentences of instruction :
1. Draw the clothes.
2. Write the word in Spanish for the clothes.
3. Show the class the clothesline.
(1. Dibuja la ropa. 2. Escribe la palabra en Espanol para la ropa. 3. Mostrarse la clase la linea de ropa.) Note: You may want to go back later (after you've taught commands) and have the students do the instruction writing exercise.


1. Have students add more articles of clothing to the clothesline.
2. Introduce "La Lavadora" (The Washing Machine) song and have students listen to it, translate it to English, and eventually sing it.
This song comes from:
Sing, Dance, Laugh, and Eat Tacos 2!
By: Barbara MacArthur
Illustrated by: Robert Jensen
Copyright 1991 Barbara MacArthur
Madison, WI 53713
(608) 278-9190
3. Review by allowing students to play laundry bag game again.
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