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Rock the Rocky Road

Sharon Hardy


Students independently perform an accompaniment on a barred instrument using appropriate techniques such as mallet control, keeping a steady beat, and attention to tempo and conductor.


The student performs independently simple patterns and melodies on rhythmic and melodic classroom instruments (e.g., percussion instruments and barred instruments) and maintains a steady tempo.

The student independently performs melodies and patterns with various rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic classroom instruments (e.g., recorders, keyboards, barred instruments, and autoharps), with appropriate instrumental techniques.

The student performs on classroom instruments (independently and in groups) and responds to tempo, balance, and blend cues of a conductor.


-CD player
- Orff instruments (may be any combination and as many as you wish to use)
- Appropriate mallets for instruments
- [Share the Music] McGraw-Hill. grade 3. Teacher's Edition 1995
- [Share the Music]. Grade 3. (student edition) 1995
- [Share the Music]. Grade 3. CD #3 1995


1.Set up Orff instruments and mallets.
2. Check CD player
3. Set out CD, Teacher's Edition and Student Editions of [Share the Music]- Grade 3


1. Tell students they will learn a new song and an accompaniment for it. Review melody and tempo as well as rhythmic patterns and what they are. A simple question and answer period for this will suffice. Also review what it means to watch the director or conductor.

2. Using CD introduce the song "Rocky Road."

3. Play CD again and have students sing along.

4. Using piano accompaniment, rehearse song several more times with the class.(This varies from class to class)

5. Review Orff instruments - sizes, sound, proper treatment of instruments, etc.

6. Review proper mallet positions.

7. Tell students they will be using the notes F and C today with alternating hands. Demonstrate where these will be found on the instruments.

8. Using piano accompaniment have students pat a steady beat with both hands while singing the song.

9. Repeat the above but use alternating hands to pat the steady beat.

10. Divide the class according to the # of instruments and students.

11. Assign groups to instruments.

12. Have each individual within the groups take a turn on the assigned instrument using the mallets with alternating hands on the notes F and C while remainder of the class sings the song. (This usually takes about 4 turns.)The teacher acts as the director for this, leading singing and directing the accompaniment.

13. Review each performance with students as to accuracy, beat, and tone.


Assess the students' performance of the Orff instrument accompaniment.

Points - Consistently - 4 points
Most of the Time - 3 points
Some of the time - 2 points
Needs assistance - 1 point

Tempo: keeps a steady beat throughout the performance ----------
Tone Quality: pleasing -----------
Musicianship: follows direction, dynamics (loud/soft)------------------
Notes: accuracy of pitch ----------
Instruments: holds mallets correctly, treats classroom instruments with respect.----------

Since this is a formative assessment, students who do not meet the criteria should receive feedback and additional practice time.

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