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Los Colores (The Colors)

Amanda Yates
Polk County Schools


The students associate an English word for a color with a Spanish word for a color.


The student restates and rephrases simple information from materials presented orally, visually, and graphically in class.


-Squares of different colored construction paper (blue, white, red, purple, yellow, orange, green, and pink)
(Vary the colors and make enough so that each student gets one.)
-A piece of chart paper or a flip chart
-Paintbrush (large)
-A package of mini M & M's for each student
-A worksheet with the colors written in English
-Tape Player and tape
-Sing, Dance, Laugh, and Eat Tacos-
By: Barbara MacArthur Illustrated by: Robert Jensen
Copyright 1993 by Barbara MacArthur
Madison, WI
(608) 278-9190


-Prepare flip chart or chart paper by drawing a palette and coloring the different colors on it.
-Prepare a place to display the flip chart or chart paper.
-Purchase napkins and enough mini packages of M & M's for each student.
-Purchase the "Sing, Dance, Laugh, and Eat Tacos" tape or make up your own color song to teach students.
-If using the tape, make sure tape is cued and ready to go.
-Make a sheet with the colors for the M & M's (written in English)and make enough copies for your students.
-Make the colored squares of construction paper for your students.


1. As students walk in the classroom, hand them a square of construction paper and tell them to hold onto it.

2. Start out by reviewing numbers (1-10) in Spanish. (uno,dos,tres,cuatro, cinco,seis,siete,ocho,nueve,y diez)
Call on students to tell you the next number in the sequence or stand up and recite 1-10 to you.

3. Introduce students to these Spanish colors (azul, blanco, rojo, violeta, amarillo, anaranjado, verde, rosa, y cafe) by saying them and having students repeat after you.

4. Write the Spanish word for each color on your flip chart, making sure to use the marker of that color. ex. Write "rojo" with a "red" marker.

5. Have your students write the Spanish/English for the colors on their papers or if they have access to markers, have them copy your example.

6. Turn to the palette of colors in your flip chart.

7. Tell students that they will hear a song with the Spanish colors and that they should lift up their colored paper when they hear the Spanish word for it.

8. Pick a student to be the first "pointer" and instruct this student to point with the paintbrush to the color of paint on the palette, when it is sung in the song.

9. Play the song, "Los Colores," from "Sing, Dance, Laugh, and Eat Tacos." Observe students and make sure that they are holding up their paper at the correct time.

10. Go through the song a few times, picking a different student volunteer each time.

11. Now comes the fun part, distribute a napkin to each student, a package of M & M's, and the sheet with the colors written in English.

12. Tell students that they must complete the assignment first and then they may eat the M & M's.

13. Tell them to first write the Spanish word for each color given on the sheet. Then, they should sort their M & M's by color and write the number (in Spanish) for the total M & M's for each color. Also, tell them to add cafe (accent on the "e") to their list of colors. They will need to know this color for the M & M activity, but not for the song activity.

14. As they are doing this, you can walk around the room and point to a student's M & M and ask, "De que color es?" (What color is it?).

15. After they've finished the worksheeets, have them throw away the wrappers, and pass in the sheets.

16. End the class by repeating the colors and having the students repeat them after you.


The teacher observes the students to make sure they are participating in the song. Then, she/he listens for comprehension, as she/he goes around the room and points to an M & M and asks the student "De que color es?" Lastly, worksheets are checked to make sure the student is able to match the Spanish word to the English word for each color.


-Continue to add colors to the list on the flip chart and have students add them on their lists.
-Review from time to time with the song.
-If you decide to use "La Ropa" lesson, you can have the students label the different colored clothing with the colors as well.

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