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Las Frutas (The Fruits)

Amanda Yates
Polk County Schools


Students should be able to recognize the Spanish words for the fruits we study, when these words are spoken or written.


The student expresses likes or dislikes regarding various objects, categories, people, and events present in the everyday environment.

The student restates and rephrases simple information from materials presented orally, visually, and graphically in class.


-Song entitled "Las Frutas"
-"Sing, Dance, and Eat Tacos"
By: Barbara McArthur
Illus. by: Robert Jensen
Copyright 1991 Barbara McArthur
Madison, WI 53713
(608) 278-9190
Or make up your own song using the Spanish words for various fruits
-Tape player (if you plan on using a recorded song)
-Overhead/transparency or flip chart
-The fruits you plan on introducing or a picture of each one
-Fruit for students to eat (optional)


-Purchase "Las Frutas" song or make up your own song
-Have tape player and tape cued to song
-Prepare transparency or flip chart
-Buy the different fruits you plan on using or get a hold of pictures of fruits to use
-Buy fruit for the class or make a cobbler (less expensive).


1. Play "Las Frutas" song and have the students just listen to it.

2. Play it one more time for them and have them just listen.

3. Hold up each fruit one at a time and say the Spanish word for each. Have the students repeat it after you.
(Do this 2 or 3 times.)

4. Tell the students to take out a sheet of paper and a pencil for notes.

5. Write each fruit (one at a time, saying the Spanish word for it) in Spanish/English.

6. Write this sentence for them to copy, "Cual es tu fruta favorita?" (What is your favorite fruit?)

7. Call on a student one at a time and ask them "Cual es tu fruta favorita?" Have them answer "Mi fruta favorita es _____." Go around to each student.

8. Pass out fruit to share with students and ask them, "Quieres una manzana o una naranja?" Do you want an apple or an orange? (Ask similar questions just to keep reinforcing the fruit word vocabulary).

9. Play the fruit song again and have them listen to see what words they now recognize. Have them try to write at least 3 of the fruit words that they hear, without looking at their notes.

10. Collect the three fruits that they wrote and see if they were able to come up with at least 3.

11. Continue to review with the students throughout the remainder of the week, by using the words with them and playing the song to them.

12. At the end of the week, give them a listening test, by holding up a fruit and having them write the Spanish word for the fruit on their papers.


Listen when students answer questions that are asked to make sure that students respond correctly. and Check the papers students turn in to make sure that they were able to write at least three words from the song (with loose spelling). Also, check the tests at the end of the week and review if total class mastery is not met.


-Add more fruits for another lesson
-Do the same lesson with vegetable words
-Have students write about the color of the fruits (You can do -Los Colores- lesson first and then this one to reinforce colors -see Weblinks).

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