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Integrating Language Arts, Health, and Visual Art

Antonio Fernandez
Colleges and Universities - Florida


A 4th grade art lesson using health education ideas is modified to include a language arts activity and computer work.


The student writes for a variety of occasions, audiences, and purposes (for example, journals to reflect upon ideas, reports to describe scientific observations).

The student uses electronic technology to create, revise, retrieve, and verify information (including but not limited to word-processing software, electronic encyclopedias).

The student uses and organizes two-dimensional and three-dimensional media, techniques, tools, and processes to produce works of art that are derived from personal experience, observation, or imagination.


-Color markers
-White construction paper
-Computers with graphic art software


Prior to conducting this lesson, students must be instructed in the following: the meaning of masks, the meaning of "health" and "being healthy," how to draw a mask with the given materials, scanning procedures, and use of the computer software.


After a one-hour lesson of various health-related topics, students will accomplish the following tasks over three, one-hour lessons (this list is to be shared with the students before they begin).

1. Instruct students to draw a "magic mask that has special powers-of their own design on construction paper with color markers based on one aspect of the concept -health."

2. Students should then write one or two paragraphs that describe the mask's special magical characteristics (e.g., "When you look at this mask, it affects your health in the following way... ")

3. Have students share the mask drawing (and its special power) with their classmates by posting the masks on the bulletin board. The teacher will evaluate the masks and give feedback to each student on both the drawing and the writing on the mask. Feedback should include ways to make the writing clearer or more descriptive and ways to enhance the mask. Try to elicit ideas from the student by asking directive questions.

4. Have students scan the images; modify the images using the computer software program; printout copies of the original (scanned) images as well as the computer-modified images with the printer.

5. Ask students to copy the original mask description on the computer printout of the scanned mask.

6. Tell them to look at the modified image and write a new paragraph (or two) on how the mask has now changed its identity and looks. Tell them to make sure that the description and the mask match.

7. Have students show both masks and share the ideas with the class.

8. Turn in both hard copies to the teacher for evaluation. The teacher will meet individually with each student for feedback and assessment purposes.


Teacher observation/intervention (answer YES or NO)

1) Student completed drawing of mask
using one of the health concepts discussed.

2) Student wrote a valid description related to "health" about the mask.

3) Student displayed and discussed the mask and its characteristics in class.

4) Student scanned the mask; modified the mask with the computer; printed out the two mask images.

5) Student re-wrote the original mask statement on the back of the computer printout.

6) Student created a new statement for the new mask's identity.

7) Student shared the information with the class.

8) Student met with teacher for evaluation and feedback.

The following can be considered by the teacher in this evaluation:

1) writing in the two paragraph descriptions of the two masks.

2) quality of the illustrations.

3) quality of the oral presentation.

4) effectiveness in describing the "health concept" through the mask.

Circulate and formatively assess students as they use the technology tools. Provide assistance for students who are experiencing difficulty and monitor accordingly.


This four-part lesson can be used as an entry point for additional visual art lessons; specific language arts/comprehension activities; related health activities; and use of the computer.
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