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Karen Beck
Bay District Schools


The students practice place value by playing the game -Show Me,- and by using math software, such as Edmark's Mighty Math Carnival or The Learning Company's Treasure Mathstorm.


The student understands and applies the concepts of counting (by 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, 25s, 50s), grouping, and place value with whole numbers between 0 and 100.


-Place value boards for each child (see Associated File for sample)
-Ten sticks (see Associated File)
-Super Teddy poem displayed on chart paper
-Computers loaded with math software, such as Edmark's Mighty Math Carnival or The Learning Company's Treasure Mathstorm


1. Chart with -Super Teddy- poem.
2. Gather tens sticks and ones for each student in individual bags.
3. Optional: Load software on computers.



Students have daily practice with place value during calendar activities as they count the days they are in school. Each day a straw is added to the ones place. On the tenth day, the straws are bundled together in a group of ten and added to the tens place.

1. Introduce the poem, -Super Teddy- to the class on a large chart. (This poem may also be added to a poetry notebook.) The class reads the poem together.

Super Teddy

Before I start counting,
Before I begin,
I make bundles, or bunches,
Or boxes of ten!

I line up the tens
With the ones right behind
And I count them so fast
It will boggle your mind!

2. Give students a place value board and a set of ten sticks and ones (see Resources). Direct the game -Show Me.- To play -Show Me- the students place the correct number of tens and ones on their place value boards for each number called out by the teacher. Ask the students to count their ten sticks and ones aloud to check for understanding.

3. For further practice, the students may use math programs such as the Explore Mode of the Bubble Band of the software, -Edmark's Mighty Math Carnival- with the teacher's directions. Circulate and assist. Note students having difficulty and remediate as necessary.

4. Another option would be to allow the students to use the Question and Answer Mode of software like the Bubble Band where they are asked to complete activities involving the understanding of place value. Assess the students' progress by using the Grow and Slide Button and the Teacher Options of such programs.

(Students are able to complete the activities mentioned in steps 3 and 4 during computer lab time.)


The assessment is formative and can be charted by the teacher on a daily basis during the calendar activities to show progress over time. Observation criteria includes:

~Students counting numbers that are grouped to show place value while accurately counting ones and tens.

~Students grouping numbers (or coins) to show base ten place value correctly

Due to the formative nature of feedback given to students, everyday, all year, students are successful enough to lead these daily calendar activities.



Over the course of the year, increase the difficulty of the place value practice with the addition of each day. Students use the place value boards to group numbers not only by tens, but by 2s, 3s, 5s, 25s, and 50s.

OPTION: Pennies and dimes may also be used in the place of ones and tens when modeling place value concepts.

Attached Files

A sample place value board complete with tens sticks and ones.     File Extension: pdf

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