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El Menu

Amanda Yates
Polk County Schools


Students make a menu (in Spanish) and present it to the class.


The student provides simple information in spoken form (e.g., descriptions of family members, friends, objects present in his or her everyday environment, or common school and home activities).

The student uses simple vocabulary and short phrases in the target language.


-Handout with directions for menu (one for each student and located in the associated file)
-A sheet of construction paper for each group (for menu)
-Markers for decorating the menus
-Book or notes to help with food item words
-Transparency that has student groups written on it


1. Make a copy of instruction handout for each student. The handout is available from the attached file.

2. Divide students into groups of 3 and write the names on an overhead transparency.

3. Make a sample menu to show the class.

4. Make sure that overhead projector is ready.

5. Have enough markers for each group.

6. Have a piece of construction paper for each group.


1. Tell the students that they will be making a menu and presenting it to the class.

2. Give each student a page with the instructions (written in Spanish and located in the associated file).

3. Call on students to read one sentence at a time and then translate it to English.

4. After #1(on instruction sheet) has been read, ask a student to restate the instructions in English (to ensure comprehension).

5. Continue having students read #2 (follow same procedure as for #1).

6. Have students read example sentences and translate.

7. Display your sample menu and talk about it (in Spanish), for example -Hay tacos en el menu- (There are tacos in the menu), -El menu es blanco y rojo- (The menu is white and red), etc.

8. Tell the students that they will be working in groups of 3. Tell them that when you post the names of the groups on the overhead, that they will have 2 minutes to go and sit with their groups.

9. Tell them that they will have the remainder of this class period and the following class period to complete the menus and the sentences that they will say. They cannot read the sentences, they must know what they are going to say.

10. Answer any questions that the students may have.

11. Post the group lists on the overhead.

12. Pass out construction paper and markers to groups.

13. Circulate around the room and observe what the students are doing. Answer any questions that arise.

14. When 5 minutes remain in the class period, instruct students to put away markers, put menus on the counter, and return to their seats.

15. Remind the class that they will have one more class period to complete the project and that the following day the presentations will begin.


The teacher will observe, listen, and give corrective/positive feedback on student presentations (including pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary) and menus.


1. If you've only studied the fruits, have students make a menu of fruits. Or if you've only studied lunch items, have students make a menu of just lunch items.

2. This lesson can be used to teach any language. You could use it with ESL students to help them learn the food items in English.
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